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Easy UAE visa packages

VisasPlanning to bring your family and friends to the UAE for a holiday? You can now book their tickets on and easily apply for UAE tourist visas online from as little as AED 350 after you purchase your flights on

Fill in our easy three-step online application, contact our Travel Experts or call 800 5050 if you have any queries.

You can also avail of the option of our six-month easy payment plan when you purchase a flight and visa through our Travel Experts.

Visa type Visa price
Processing fee
Tourist visa for 14 days AED 300 AED 50
Tourist visa for 30 days AED 400 AED 100
Tourist visa for 60 days AED 1,050 AED 100
Service visa for 14 days AED 350 AED 50

What do I need to apply

  1. A copy of your passport's first, last and visa pages
  2. A copy of your labour card and labour contract
  3. A copy of each visitor's passport's first and last pages
  4. Each visitor's passport-size photograph, taken against a white background
  5. If the visitor is your spouse, an attested copy of your marriage certificate
  6. A refundable cash guarantee of AED 2,000 for each visitor

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