• Five reasons you should visit the Dead Sea

    Musafir-Jordan-Adventure-Dead-Sea-SwimIf there's one thing everyone knows about the Dead Sea, it's the fact that you can't sink in it. The lowest place on Earth, on occasion referred to as the Valley of Salt, is about eight or nine times saltier than the oceans of the world and so dense and mineral rich that i…Read more

  • Ramadan traditions around the world

    Ramadan-Traditions-Blog-UAEThere's a good chance you're aware of the holy month of Ramadan and what it entails. However, besides the fasting, prayers and iftar meals, Muslims around the world also tend to celebrate during this time. We take a look at some unique Ramadan traditions around the world.&…Read more

  • An insider's guide to the best of Oman

    Al Hajar Mountains Oftentimes, Oman is relegated to just another hot gulf country. Furthermore, oftentimes, it is eclipsed by its stately neighbors. Oman qualifies to be a hidden gem. And it is time you wise yourself up to the fact. Places to see in Oman Salalah When you expect Oman t…Read more

  • The most popular travel destination of 2018

    GeorgiaThe country of Georgia that was once a part of the erstwhile USSR is bafflingly beautiful. Whether it is the local cuisine or the green-mantled hills, or simply its lesser-known history, Georgia will engage your mind and heart, and ultimately leave you speechless. Here are…Read more

  • The First Luxury Hotel in Space to launch in 2021

    aurora-stationThe future of travel is here. Luxury stay is about to get a sci-fi makeover with the launch of, Aurora Station, the first luxury hotel in space. Yes, you've read it right. Orbiting 200 miles above the earth, this luxury station is expected to launch in the year 2021, and p…Read more