• How Malta's Silent City got its name

    Musafir-Malta-Silent-City-Mdina-top Perched atop a plateau in Malta lies Mdina, an ancient fortified city dating back a remarkable 4,000 years. From the day the city's first stone was laid up until medieval times, Mdina was the capital city of Malta. Its location gives it panoramic views across the island …Read more

  • 10 interesting facts about Malta

    Musafir-Malta-Interesting-Facts-Top Malta packs glorious variety into its small archipelago. You'll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves, thrilling scuba diving spots and a history of remarkable intensity. In short, it's an ideal holiday destination that's not on everyone's bucket …Read more

  • Musafir Airways announces standing flights

    300x130-Blog-Image---April-Fools-Day, the UAE's first premium-experience travel website, is proud to announce standing flights from the UAE to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The surprise announcement was made at an event held at our all-new Dubai Mall store last evening. In another groundbreak…Read more

  • A long weekend might be 2 weeks away!

    Musafir-Long-Weekend-Israa-Wal-Miraj-blog-2019-title In 2019, the Isra'a Wal Mi’raj holiday falls on Wednesday, April 3. You might get a public holiday on Thursday (April 4) to combine with the weekend - which has been done before - when the Ministry confirms the dates. So as you may have guessed, if you plan your leave…Read more

  • This Jordanian turned his old VW Beetle into a hotel

    Musafir-Jordanian=VW-Beetle-hotel-top “We spent our Jordan holiday sleeping in a broken car right in the middle of the desert.” To the uninitiated, that would sound like a nightmare scenario. Yet, people from all over the world are paying $57 a night for a chance to sleep in a stripped-out Volkswagen (VW) i…Read more