• Travel-related words every traveller must know

    FERNWEH There might be many things that you do for survival. But what excites you, is what you are meant to do. So if setting out to unknown places and exploring them is what your heart beats for, travel you must. But while you embark on a journey of discovery, it doesn't hurt t…Read more

  • Extraordinarily beautiful waterfalls and lakes

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  • Fly with Emirates for a great experience

    Emirates After YouTuber ‘Casey Neistat’s’ slick Youtube video, millions of people were exposed to the awesome experience Emirates offer their passengers when flying first class. At a whopping £4000 for a return from London Gatwick to Dubai, you will get your money’s worth! If you a…Read more

  • What's up in September

    Sept events Ahhh! The first sight of autumn. Falling leaves, dropping temperatures and autumn colours are the unmistakable autumn features. Though the UAE is not exactly blessed with this season, there are many parts of the world where autumn is distinct. For many, this season betwe…Read more

  • An itinerary for Baku

    MAIN Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is catching the fancy of tourists lately. Nicknamed as the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan has an enchanting history and an interesting cultural heritage behind. Once a Soviet Republic, this country was also a part of Persia. After gaining i…Read more