• The entire country of Sweden is listed in Airbnb

    Sweden We know about apartments, dorms and even couch surfing options put up on Airbnb. But now there is a whole country being listed there. Yes, you heard us right. Sweden is up for grabs! This collaboration between Airbnb and Visit Sweden came into being with an aim to endo…Read more

  • Travel news : contents of the Balikbayan boxes should be listed!

    Travel-news2 Nationals from Philippines who are living abroad have a new regulation to follow hence forth. The new rule is regarding the 'balikbayan boxes' send by Filipino expats to their home country. These boxes usually contain presents that many Filipinos send across to their fa…Read more

  • A scarily beautiful glass walk in China – are you ready for this bone-chilling walk?

    ready-to-be-terrified-LEAD At a dizzying height of 120 metres (400 feet) above a gaping chasm, the glass-bottomed skywalk in China pumps your adrenaline like very few things can. Stretching almost 70 metres, this V-shaped spine-chilling walkway is both horrifying and exhilarating at the same time.…Read more

  • Musafir Journal - Anjana in Kenya

    Kenya Home to 60 National Parks and Reserves, Kenya is truly a wildlife lover's dream destination. The annual wildebeest migration that occurs in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the biggest wonders of the world. Musafir resident Anjana is just back from a hol…Read more

  • 8 things every visitor should know about Prague

    Prague Riddled with cobbled streets and endowed with a fascinating history, Prague reunites the enigma of the past with its contemporary, nonchalant stance. While you revel in a smorgasbord of cultures that it offers, an intertwined network of alleys and passageways take you in…Read more