• Images that will make you want to visit Singapore

    610x380-Blog-Images-Singapore---Images-that-will-make-you-want-to-visit-Singapore_Header-ImageFrom exciting theme parks and amazing wildlife to scintillating beaches and interactive museums with 3-dimensional artwork, Singapore is the perfect destination to satiate your wanderlust. However, don't simply take our word for it. Take a look yourself. Trick Eye Museum…Read more

  • Everything you need to know about Taiwan's Dragon boat festival

    610x380-Blog-Images_Dragonboat-Festival_Header-ImageEver heard about the Dragon Boat Festival? If not, here’s quick primer. It’s among the three main festivals of Taiwan; the other two being the Moon Festival and the Chinese New Year. In case you’re wondering, the grand celebration that takes place in the month of June ever…Read more

  • Want to try a Michelin meal for less than US$2?

    610x380-Blog-Images-Singapore---Michelin-Meal-Singapore1You’d imagine that eating at one of the best restaurants in the world is expensive. In most cases you’d be right, but not if you’re in Singapore. If you’re in the Lion City and wondering where to eat quality food without burning a hole in your pocket. Make your way to Hong…Read more

  • Tracing the origins of bubble tea

    610x380-Blog-Images_Bubble-Tea---Bubble-TeaFor those of you who have never tried or even heard of bubble tea, contrary to its name, it has no bubbles. There isn't always tea, either. Even so, people are obsessed with the concoction of tea, fruit, coffee or milk and chewy "pearls" at the bottom of the cup. In case y…Read more

  • Weird laws in Singapore

    610x380-Blog Images Singapore_Header-ImageAwesome theme parks, stupendous gardens, scrumptious cuisines and luxury cruises are the attributes that best define, Singapore. If you’re planning a holiday to Singapore aka Lion City, here are some of the laws that you need to know before you get there.Do not sing offens…Read more