• Pray for Kerala

    610x380-Pray-for-KeralaKerala is experiencing its worst flood in 100 years. The relentless torrential rains have claimed hundreds of lives and rendered more than 220,000 people homeless while thousands still remain trapped. You can log onto this link or you can send your help to the bank details…Read more

  • 5 amazing things to do in Taiwan

    Musafir-Blog-Taiwan-TopIt's easy to get overwhelmed by Asia. The huge continent offers endless cities to discover and explore. Despite the many options though, Taiwan shines as a traveller's paradise. With legacies as varied as its adventure landscape and spirited traditions thriving alongside t…Read more

  • 15 images that capture the raw beauty of Jordan

    Musafir-Blog-Jordan-Images-Petra-Lead From the wonders of the ancient city of Petra to the majestically barren Wadi Rum and the vast Dead Sea, Jordan is a gorgeous country. More importantly, it's just a three-hour flight away. So if you haven't seen the heart-shaped Hashemite Kingdom yet, perhaps these pictu…Read more

  • 5 Hollywood blockbusters that were filmed in Jordan

    Musafir-Blog-Hollywood-Movies-Jordan-The-Martian-LeadEvery bit of Jordan is steeped in history and culture but we understand that those subjects can be quite off-putting for millennials. After all, we're the Snapchat and Instagram Stories generation who would rather humblebrag than post anything of substance on social media.…Read more

  • Five reasons why you should visit the Dead Sea

    Musafir-Jordan-Adventure-Dead-Sea-SwimIf there's one thing everyone knows about the Dead Sea, it's the fact that you can't sink in it. The lowest place on Earth, on occasion referred to as the Valley of Salt, is about eight or nine times saltier than the oceans of the world and so dense and mineral rich that i…Read more