• Musafir Journal - Malini and her travel stories

    coffee around the world'' title= Musafir resident Malini is an avid traveller who is steadily checking off holiday destinations from her bucket list. Here, in a Q & A session, she talks about her travel experiences. Starting from what she misses the most in the UAE to where she is heading off next…Read more

  • Cheap New Year party destinations

    Main We know that you wouldn’t want to miss the New Year’s Eve fireworks in the UAE. But there are a lot of exciting party places in the world, and if you want to step out and ring in your New Year’s elsewhere, you have a plethora of options to choose from. We have short-list…Read more

  • Safest countries in the world

    610x380-Safest-countries-in-the-world Many tourists love going on a solo travel, because that is an opportunity to discover themselves along with exploring a new holiday destination. When you travel alone, you are not influenced by your travel partners or their choices. But the biggest concern that discourag…Read more

  • Devour these Japanese delicacies

    MAIN Japanese cuisine offers a plethora of options starting from the most popular sushi to the lesser known Unagi. Ranging from unique theme restaurants to the seasonally erected terraces over rivers, you can feast on a variety of gastronomical delights in Japan. Experiment …Read more

  • Countries with free wifi

    free-wifi Can you stay away from wifi when you travel? Of course not, travellers these days have an obsessive need to post their pictures on social media. It’s also important to keep in constant touch with families and friends. So book a flight to one of these countries that give …Read more