• Travel goals for book lovers

    Travelgoals-Lead (1) We are really excited about the Sharjah Book Festival, and think that we should take you on a tour of the most bookish cities in the world to catch up with the spirit of the season. Let’s make this season all about visiting bookstores, writers’ museums and all those plac…Read more

  • A recap of last month’s top travel news

    Top-travel-news- The world of travel is buzzing with a lot of activities. Every day there are new feats being achieved, new partnerships being formed and new discoveries being made. Let’s take a look at what happened in the month of October.  New York City and Toronto become touris…Read more

  • Indian hotels that are destinations by themselves

    destination-themed hotels There are hotels that provide you with a comfortable abode. Then there are hotels that are an experience! With elements of the destination woven into them, they give you an authentic feel of the place you are travelling to. They have a ‘larger than life’ appeal, and make…Read more

  • Halloween festivals that will give you the chills

    Halloween There is more to Halloween than dressing up in ghoulish costumes and playing trick or treat. There are some cities that take the Halloween experience several notches up by designing festivals exclusively for the season. Here we give you a list of all these ghastly festi…Read more

  • What’s up in November

    -November It seems like yesterday we partied into the wee hours to ring in the New Year. Lo and behold, we are already heading towards November. Yes, 2017 is coming to an end and it’s time to plan a New Year destination in your head. But wait, November needn’t be a month about loo…Read more