All you need to know about UAE tourist visas

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    Dubai, the picturesque city that evolved gracefully from the Arabian desserts, is almost synonymous to the whole of UAE for most people abroad. One of the most preferred holiday destinations, business gateway and shopping hub, UAE stands out to be the most populous country among travellers today.

    Before we sway you with travel temptations, we’d like to educate you with all the information required to be known about the UAE tourist visas. 

    UAE tourist visas can be applied

    • Online, by paying online, submitting accomplished documents, tracking the process online and downloading the e-visa once ready.
    • Offline by walking into a travel store, submitting the required documents and take help of a visa expert

    Types of UAE tourist visas

    • 14 day tourist visa
    • 30 day tourist visa
    • 90 day tourist vsia
    • Express visa (30 and 90 day tourist visa)

    Documents required

    • Signed and completed application form
    • Confirmed flight tickets
    • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of departure
    • Clear passport photos as per specifications with a white background

    OK to board status 

    • The OK To Board status has to be updated on your airline ticket once you've received the UAE tourist visa
    • Boarding will be denied if the OTB status is not updated with the respected airline at least 24 hours before departure


    If a tourist stays in the country beyond visa expiration, a fine will be levied for all the days until exited. The fine will have to be paid at the immigration offices or at the airport before exiting. In case there is a job offered while on his/her visit, an employment will have to be applied for by the job provider. In case of overstay the first day of overstay would be charged AED 200, followed by a fine of AED 100 each consecutive day. 

    Consequences of overstay

    In the event of overstaying beyond the grace period of  30 days, penalties could be levied such as

    • Passenger name could be blacklisted
    • An immigration ban could be imposed
    • Deportation could be ordered for
    • Jail terms of up to 3 months could be faced

    Good to know

    • UAE tourist visa is available for Single entry and multiple entry purposes
    • Visa applications require a minimum of 5 working days to process and at times may take longer
    • In case of UAE tourist visa rejection by the government, the visa application fee will be non-refundable in all cases.
    • You cannot be employed while staying in the UAE on your visit, holding a UAE tourist visa

    By Sajda Lathif