Escape the smog at these car-free destinations

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    If you are anything like us, then you are yearning to get away from cars and everything associated with it - noise, smog and pollution. Don't get us wrong, we love fancy and posh cars, but sometimes we just want to escape the chaos and smog. And we are glad to realise that there are many holiday destinations that are car-free. So pack your bags and head to these beautiful places to cleanse your lungs.

    There is little surprise that Netherlands, famous for its canals, is also a car-free destination coveted my many. Mykonos and Santorini might have always enchanted you with their photographs. But Hydra gives you another reason to travel to Greece. If you are ever planning a holiday to Germany, it is time to look beyond Munich and Berlin, and explore the charming Vauban. The charming villages of Zermatt in Switzerland and Fes el Bali in Morocco will also allure a nature lover.

    By Neetu George