Get ready for a frightful night, Halloween is here

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    What does Halloween mean to you? Is it dressing up in spooky costumes, partying till the wee hours or stuffing your mouth with candies? We feel that you earn the title of enjoying the best Halloween, only if you travel. We have travelled wide and far, and found some destinations, where Halloween celebrations give you a spine-tingling experience.

    Italy is not all about Venice, Rome or Tuscany. Travel to Corinaldo, a small medieval village in Italy which gives out a eerie charm during Halloween. Have you heard of the Monster’s Park in Italy? We bet that the name itself will give you the creepers. So we can’t tell you how scarily exciting it would be to celebrate Halloween here.


    If you haven’t been to London before, we suggest you to plan a holiday there during this autumn. Not only do you get to experience fall in all its glory, but you will also have a bone-chilling Halloween. Amsterdam is known as a party capital to some, where as some others cover the quaint charm of this canal city. But we are thrilled about its spooky nature that comes alive during this time of the year. So bring out your inner witch and give wings to your wicked self. Have a horror-filled vacation!

    By Neetu George