Immigration clearance at Dubai airports to speed up

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    There is some great news in the pipeline for anyone who wants to travel, and we're sure all of us travel at some point in time. If you are booking a First class or Business class ticket, rejoice! An upcoming project facilitates First class and Business class travellers to head directly to the boarding gate without undergoing the immigration process at Dubai airports. It was announced during the Gitex Technology Week that three projects will be unveiled soon, which will lead to smooth travelling.

    One of these projects require the passengers to walk through a 'smart tunnel', thereby undergoing immigration without a passport. Needless to say, the process will be over in less than 15 seconds. There is also another system in place that lets the passengers to fly even without their passport if they have their smartphone.

    Speedy immigration

    A futuristic project has been lined up where the travellers can get into a car that is fitted with immigration checks. The car is fitted with a camera that scans your face, and syncs it with the immigration gates at the check-in areas. With this system, all the relevant information including passport details and the boarding pass will be captured and sent to the counter. The traveller will be spared the trouble of finishing the immigration, and can head directly to the lounge and the boarding gate. This is what we call a great start to a happy journey!

    By Neetu George