Interesting facts about Paris

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    Paris, a wonderful city brimming with character, is on every travel lover's bucketlist. This fascinating holiday destination is famous for the iconic Eiffel tower, the Louvre Museum which is home to some great pieces of art, and the lovely Seine River which beckons you for a cruise. But besides these tourist attractions, there are some interesting facts about Paris that you must know. Read on.

    1. The streets in Paris are dotted with trees. But the amazing fact is that all the trees in Paris are referenced and measured. Talk about perfection!

    2. Are you a coffee lover? If yes, Paris will thrill you to bits. There are 181 coffee places in the city that offer espressos for as little as €1. The great thing is that, there's a map to help you find each of them.

    3. There are, hold your breath, 6,100 streets in Paris.

    4. The main bell in the Notre Dame Cathedral weighs over 13 tonnes, and it is known as Emmanuel.

    5. A holiday to Paris is never complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. You can take the elevator to the top, but if you dare to climb, you will have to take 1,665 steps.


    6. If you think there is only one Statue of Liberty in the world, start thinking otherwise. There are three replicas of it in Paris, and the most popular among them is perched on an island in the middle of the Seine.

    7. The word ‘camouflage’ which means ‘to make up for the stage’ in French was made popular by the French army during World War 1.

    8. 20% of French owned territory is outside of Europe, including French ruled Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana.

    9. It’s Micky mouse that attracts the most visitors to Paris, with Disneyland Paris that attracts a greater number of tourists than the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower or any other cultural attractions.

    10. There’s only one stop sign in Paris. Yes, we are as surprised as you are.

    By Neetu George