South Korea - A journey through Lotte World

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    Founded in 1989, South Korea’s Lotte World, which is located in the city of Seoul, is one of the biggest amusement theme parks in the world. Its gigantic indoor theme park has made it on the Guinness World Book of Records and has an outdoor theme park as well which consists of cinema halls, a huge shopping center, ice skating rinks, horseback riding, a luxury hotel and sports facilities.

    Loti Park consists of two main parts: the first is the closed adventure zone and the second is the magical island open on the banks of Lake Sikkunhonso. Visitors can spend the most of their time enjoying activities such as live shows and performers, movies, concerts and dancing.

    Moreover, the entertainment complex includes a large number of attractions such as the Magic Castle, the House of Terror, trains, the ski halls and the Museum of Heritage, which is quite popular with visitors and gives them a tour of the exhibition, showing them the treasures and tools of ancient Korean civilization.

    Sports enthusiasts can enjoy their time at the community sports center where the world's latest sports equipment, jogging track, indoor golf course, tennis tables and swimming pools are available to suit all ages. Sounds fun right? Don’t miss out on this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity with your family! Book your ticket with and have an unforgettable summer.

    By Mohammed Al-Ameen