Travel essentials for a toddler

  • babymain26-4Travelling with a toddler to any destination, even if it is only two miles away from your home, never mind ten thousand, automatically means that you will be carrying ten extra luggage bags with you to accommodate their every possible need and demand. So like any crazed mother, here is my list of essentials you need to pack when travelling with your little ones, the items that you simply cannot overlook.


    babyfood26-4Snacks are key to the happiness of your child and your sanity. Thanks to the tiny tummies of toddlers, they get hungry pretty quickly and need small shots of energy in between all the playing, crying, and pooping. Make sure you pack plenty of options as we all know how fussy toddlers can be and of course the healthier the better. Bananas are a personal favorite of my little one as it is easy to hold and chomp away on, whilst being a filling sweet treat.

    Bowl, spoon, and drinking glasses

    The ones your toddler always uses. It is essential to keep a sense of familiarity around them, especially if you are going to a different country. The different sights, smells, and tastes of a new place can be quite overwhelming and those tots thrive on routine and familiarity. Having objects they recognize around them can make the transition a lot easier.

    Toys or any form of distraction necessary

    Yes, that means your toddler’s favorite but hideous looking hand puppet, because no doubt they will cry for it at the most unexpected times.


    babyclothes26-4Extra pairs of clothes are saviors. I remember landing at an airport, waiting at the luggage belt for our bags, only to pick up Baby Z and find that his nappy had leaked, completely drenching his trousers and socks. Thankfully, I had another pair on hand in his changing bag and a quick trip to the baby changing rooms saved us a lot of tears and tantrums. It is often easy to overlook things such as socks, a woolen hat, and a jumper, but having these on hand in your hand luggage can sometimes do wonders when faced with such nappy calamities. Oh and don’t forget the extra blanket while you’re at it. Your bag weighs
    a ton anyway!


    If your toddler is on medication at the time of travel, do not forget them at any cost. However, even if they are not on any strict medication, you should still bring along with you the staple medicines such as Adol, especially if the destination weather is different. Your toddler will most likely get a sniffle or a cough when trying to adjust to the new climate and taking Olbas Oil to relieve my toddler’s nose congestion was the best decision I made. 


    Pretty obvious, but be sure to pack those nappies if your baby hasn’t been potty trained yet! The more, the merrier.

    Your camera

    Travelling with your toddler is special and of course you will want to capture every smile, laugh, and giggle along the way. Whether it be a professional camera or your camera phone, be sure to have cleared out space beforehand so you can go wild. After all, we mothers have a camera roll filled only of baby pictures we can coo over at any given chance.

    Baby wipes

    No, these are not just used for wiping your baby’s bum. They have SO many more uses, including wiping down surfaces, cleaning up toddler-made mess, getting rid of that stain on your hand bag, and so on. There is bound to be a two for one deal on baby wipes, so be sure to grab yours before you set off on your journey.

    Are there any items that you think I have missed out in my list? Feel free to share your ideas and toddler travel stories in the comments section below. I look forward to reading them! 

    By Zeyna Sanjania