Wadi Shab - Just when you thought Oman is only a hot country

  • Wadi Shab

    Unlike what is widely expected from Oman to offer to its tourists, the Wadi Shab, also spelt ‘Wadi Shaab’, cuts across as an exception.

    Wadi Shab is located in the Al Sharqiyah region in Oman and in case you are halting at Muscat, then it will be heartening for you to learn that this gem of a place is reachable in a matter of few hours from your lodging.

    Now let’s come to the ‘why go there at all’ part - Well, if you are true blue to the irrepressible spirit of a traveller, then it is a given that any form of unusual attractiveness about nature in all its glory will move you. Just what Wadi Shab offers you.

    Wadi Shab

    Wadi Shab is an astounding gorge situated between the cliffs. The journey to reaching the destination is as incredible. You have to hike through a less-than-one-hour of undulated mountainous terrain and saunter alongside the meandering of a river to finally reach the source of this water body where a cave will greet your eyes. As you walk up close to the structure of the cave, you will discover its distinctive features - a stunning waterfall that spurts forth from inside the hollow of the cave and flops down onto the rocky land. You will be readily tempted to take off your shoes and take dips in this clean and beautiful waterfall, and after you satiate yourself to the hilt, it gets time to make your way inside the cave for further exploration gradually.

    Wadi Shab

    There are numerous pools of clear turquoise waters around, and if you like, you may enjoy a relaxing swim. In fact, the entire hiking session leading up to the cave will be a rewarding experience. With the yellowish brownness of the towering and rugged mountains that rise from the surroundings of the uneven valley, which sprinkles with the intermittently growing palm trees, and crystal-clear pools and waterfalls, Wadi Shab will be a hike to remember.

    Now, one cannot forget the country under discussion is Oman, and Oman is notoriously well known for hot temperatures. During the summers, the country can be boiling at around 50 degrees. So it is needless to suggest that summers are indeed not the ideal climatic conditions during which you should visit the place. Wadi Shab is visitable during the winters, and winters are fabulous in Oman. The most favourable months will be between October and April, inclusive.

    Another thing that must be added is the fact that the concerned authority shows keenness to put the fundamental infrastructures such as the toilets in place for the visitors. Hence, they have arranged for clean public restrooms right at the entrance of Wadi Shab for all the visitors to use.

    Belongings to be carried:

    • Inevitably, you must carry a comfy and strong pair of trainers owing to the rough terrain.
    • A pair of water-resistant shoes will help you need. The trip is incomplete without walks taken in the waters, but you will certainly not want to walk soggily back home.
    • A bottle of water will be helpful as you may exhaust from time to time.
    • Some snacks and energy bars may come of great use.
    • Take a tube of sunscreen protection.
    • A towel and some fresh clothes you must carry in a water-proof bag so that you will have something dry and clean to wear after all the swimming.
    • Carry your swimsuits if you like.
    • Carry some Omani Rial for you will be required to pay 1 Omani Rial (OMR) to the boat-service to cross the river.
    • And of course your inevitable camera! Also, do not forget to carry the water-proof camera bag as you might want to take pictures inside the cave.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra