What's up in April?

  • April vacation

    It seems like yesterday when the world was talking about their resolutions. But we have galloped into March with the blink of an eye. The winter is already left behind in most of the countries. We sometimes get nostalgic about the misty mornings, or the snowy evenings which we enjoyed during a holiday. Nonetheless, most of us are happily embracing the joys and the colours of spring.

    Let us take a look at what’s brewing in different parts of world at this time of the year. Talking about brewing, let us start with a coffee festival.

    The London Coffee Festival, UK


    The concept of afternoon tea might be highly popular in England, but the love for coffee is not far behind. The UK’s biggest coffee event, the London Coffee Festival is a glorious occasion to celebrate this love. An interesting event that has many beverages ranging from gourmet coffee to speciality tea to international baristas, this is a true celebration of London’s coffee culture.

    The National Cheese Festival, Spain


    When it comes to the Spanish festivals, both the wonderful and the bizarre go hand in hand. There are many ridiculous festivals such as the Tomatina and the bull fight, but there are also the lovely celebrations such as the National Cheese Festival. For this mega event, around 1,00,000 cheese lovers gather at the historic main square of Trujillo in Spain. Both tourists and locals will get a chance to sample over 500 different flavours of cheese.

    Songkran Water Festival, Thailand


    Be it the golden beaches, the delectable cuisine or the lively night scene - Thailand is a bouquet of experiences. This fabulous country also has to its credit, many amazing festivals. One of the interesting festivals that take place in April is the Songkran Water Festival. Get soaked in the hustle and bustle where water is splashed and sprayed in volumes. Marking the beginning of the new solar year, this is your chance to get into some water fights. If you want to be part of this madness, book a holiday package with us. 

    By Neetu George