What's up in July!

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    We are stepping into the second half of the year, and definitely the most exciting month of the season. Come July, and the whole country is chalking out their travel plans. With the schools closed for vacation, and the temperatures soaring high, this is one of the best time to travel.

    San Fermin Festival, Spain 610x380-Large-theculturetrip

    One of the most colourful festivals hosted by Spain is the San Fermin Festival, which is held annually in July. This internationally acclaimed festival – which is also the theme of Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also Rises’ - is famous for many traditional folklore and events. The most enticing  part of the carnival is the ‘Running of the Bulls’, where the participants throw themselves in front of charging bulls.

    Festival of fire, Cuba610x380-Large-girlstravel

    Come July , and it is fiesta time in Cuba. Beginning with the ‘festival of fire’ in Santiago de Cuba, there is an array of celebrations lined up for you.  It is an amzing sight to see this vibrant town come to life with its  costumed parades, congas, street floats and salsa bands.

    Robeco Summer Nights,  Amsterdam 610x380-Large-tinker

    Starting on the first of July, the Robeco Summer Nights series is a cultural fiesta of Amsterdam. With classical concerts, swinging jazz and pop music, this is a music lover's dream.

    By Neetu George