What's up in May?

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    We have waltzed almost into the middle of the year. This is a safe time to pull out the travel bucket list you created at the beginning of the year. Have you checked at least half the list? If it is a no, then it is high time you plan a holiday. May is a great month with a salubrious climate in most parts of the world. The good news is that the scorching summer hasn’t set in yet. Let us take a look at the exciting things happening in different parts of the world in May.

    Thrissur Pooram, India


    Thrissur pooram is a cultural festival that is an annual event in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. With a magnitude that cannot be matched, this fiesta sees elephants that are caparisoned and grand ensembles of percussion instruments. Thrissur pooram is a mega spectacle that is attended by locals and tourists alike.

    The White Nights, Russia

    RussiaBeginning in the middle of May, and on till mid- July, White Nights is an extravagant festival held in Russia every year. A colourful celebration which has music, opera, ballet and films as a part of it, White Nights is a visual feast. The highlight of the festival is Scarlet Sails, a fleet of red-sailed, tall ships with fireworks.

    La Feria Nacional de San Marcos, Mexico


    San Marcos Fair is a hugely popular national carnival in Mexico. Both a cultural celebration and food festival, this fair showcases regional customs and local dishes. This fair sees traditional Mexican music being played at vibrant street parties, with many stalls put up to attract the attendees.

    The Masked Ball, England


    The Masked Ball is an intriguing festival which resembles a raving party. With people donning different costumes, one may wonder if it is a Halloween party. A great place for dance lovers, this event will enthuse the myth and mystery lovers as well. People who attend this festival will walk through tunnels to enter the underground parties.

    By Neetu George