What's up in October?

  • October

    October is considered as that silent month between the fervent summer activities and the winter celebrations. But we think that it needn't be a boring month of resting and waiting. Apart from the onset of autumn, this month sees many events and festivals unfold in different parts of the world. Let's take a look at them.

    Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Canada


    Are you an absolute movie buff who watches movies on the first day of release? If yes, we can guarantee that the month of October is going to be a great one for you, because Canada is hosting the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. This festival which was first held 44 years ago has maintained its popularity ever since. We are sure that this will be a visual feast for the movie and art lovers.

    Matchmaking Festival, Ireland


    Move over matrimony sites and speed dates, there are other ways to find your significant other. If you thought your chances of finding a partner are close to nil, you haven't attended the Matchmaking Festival in Ireland yet. This festival which came into being 150 years ago is a fun way to find a partner for yourself.

    This Is Not Art, Australia


    Though called 'This Is Not Art', this art festival is one of the most eagerly-awaited festivals of Australia. What an oxymoron! Ranging from spectacular performances, movie screenings, art exhibitions and creative workshops, this festival is sure to keep you glued. This festival sees artists, musicians and writers come together to put forth their best performances.

    By Neetu George