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    About Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is located in southwestern Asia with Great Caucasus Mountains to the north of this place. This is formed as the Soviet republic which is an independent state after the collapse of Soviet Union in the year 1991. Azerbaijan is considered as a larger region and as a part of Persia in Iran. Azerbaijan has the sea cost of Caspian Sea in its east with Russia and Armenia towards the west with Iran in the south.

    Nakhchivan is an autonomous republic of Azerbaijan forms the part within Republic of Azerbaijan on the borders of Turkey. It is slightly larger than Austria in terms of area and slightly smaller than US state of Maine. The area has a population of more than 85,000 km². The population is more than 9.5 million and the main religion is Islam. Azerbaijan has a majority of the Shiite population. The largest city and capital city is Baku and Azeri and Russian are spoken in Azerbaijan.

    History of Azerbaijan

    During Persian rule and Median rule, most of the Caucasian Albanians have adopted Zoroastrianism. They later switched to Christianity before the Muslim Arabs have ruled and most importantly, before the arrival of Muslim Turks. Turkic tribes have come as small groups of ghazis who led to the Turkification of the population. As native Caucasian and other tribes adopted this language of Oghuz, they all converted to Islam in the next several years. Azerbaijan is now a home to various ethnicities and the majority of them are Azerbaijani. They belong to an ethnic Turkic group close to 9 million which now comes in the independent Republic of Azerbaijan.

    Things to do in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan offers many places to visit for its tourists and travellers. The Azerbaijan Tourism extracts out the extravagant beauty and they offer a wide variety of Azerbaijan Tour Packages are suited for all types of tourists. The best things to do in Azerbaijan are as follows:

    • Sightseeing: There are many historical and cultural attractions that can be explored. Get an exhaustive list of all the local attraction and set up a guide for the trip. Unique things are available like trekking, hiking, and cycling. Amazing sights of Azerbaijan cannot be missed out.
    • Tasting variety of foods: There are various places to eat and drink, try to taste in Fountains Square where you can get the exuberant and rich taste of Azerbaijan.
    • Trekking: The Gobustan National Park, included in all Azerbaijan Tour Packages is an ideal place to trek, hike and sink in the marvelous beauty of nature.
    • Horse Riding: Azerbaijan Tourism will be incomplete if you fail to indulge in a horse riding session. Numerous special breeds of Horses are available for a thrilling horse ride.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Azerbaijan

    Every country gives importance to their culture, traditions, and practices and while you are traveling to witness the best of Azerbaijan Tourism, it is important to keep a few things in mind while interacting with the locals and visiting places. Here is the list of the Do’s and Don'ts that won’t come along with the Azerbaijan Tour Packages but will guide you for a better traveling experience in Azerbaijan.

    What to do?

    • Do greet the people you are meeting for the first time with a handshake while saying “Salam” (hello).
    • Do remember to initiate the conversation with a new person by giving a background and overview
    • Do greet every person you meet and at the time of leaving with a handshake.
    • Do try to finish the plate and try as many dishes as you can while dining.
    • Do accept if you receive any eat or drink invitation from the Azerbaijanis.

    What Not to Do?

    • Don’t smoke in public if you are from the west. Smoking in the streets especially in Azerbaijan leaves an impression that you are a prostitute.
    • A huge part of the Azerbaijan population still believes Tattoos are for criminals; don’t flaunt it unless you can’t cover it at all.
    • Do not make any ‘Your Mom’ jokes to the locals. It is a serious offense.
    • Don’t be open with your feelings towards anyone and if you are one, it is better to keep the secret safe and locked.

    Places to visit in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is well known for the enchanting places one can visit in the country. Most of the Azerbaijan Tour Packages take the tourists to the most outstanding locations in the country. The Top places to see in Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan Tourism are as follows:-

    • Gobustan National Park: A highly recommended place to visit and it is officially designated as Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape. This encompasses mainly three of the rocky plateau areas in the centre of Azerbaijan. Here in this place, many rock engravings were discovered which is a special attraction for tourists.
    • Baku Boulevard: This was established in early 20th century which is located near Baku seafront. A must place to visit when you plan a travel to Azerbaijan.
    • Old City Baku: The oldest place of Azerbaijan which is listed as the UNESCO heritage listed site. The city is the home to the palace of Shirvanshahs and Maiden tower. This depicts the culture, history of Azerbaijan that has been attracting many travellers.
    • Flame Towers: This is built to show the ancient practice of fire worship of Azerbaijan. The blue tinted towers are impressive and the giant display with light makes it a must place to visit.
    • Ateshgah: This place is also known as Fire Temple. Due to the numerous natural gas vents and a history of worshiping with fire in this country, the place is known as the land of fire. The visitors can see flame rising from four smaller flames and main altar, which is not natural anyway.

    Why Visit Azerbaijan?

    The incredible locations, lip-smacking delicacies, soaring mountains, and even the stupendous wine have made Azerbaijan Tourism grow in multifarious ways in the recent past.

    Best time to visit Azerbaijan

    While the Azerbaijan Tour Packages offer an amazing journey throughout the year, the best time to visit the length and breadth of Azerbaijan is spring, between March and May. The weather is immensely enjoyable but rains can spoil the party at times. Even the months between September and November i.e. the Autumn Season is a good time to witness the bewildering beauty of Azerbaijan. Winters are uncomfortable and the extreme cold makes it quite difficult for touring.

    Food to try in Azerbaijan

    • Piti soup, Sheki: The tasteful dish is made of mutton, chestnuts, potatoes, and chickpea. A flavourful and hearty soup that one can never forget in a life time. The best part of the dish is that major parts of fats are cooked.
    • Badambura, Baku: It is referred as Azerbaijani pastry and comes in many shapes filled with cinnamon, finely chopped nuts, and sugar. The best dessert one can ever get is Badambura.
    • Halva, Sheki: The halva is made of chopped nuts sandwiched between wafer thin fried dough that absolutely drips in honey. This is a special dessert of Sheki and the best dish ever.
    • Caspian fish and smoked cheese, Gabala: An excellent beer snack served with cheese and the smoky and tough dish is a must try. The dish goes well with a glass of vodka and it is the best dish one can taste at Azerbaijan.

    Historical monuments of Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is one such country that has protected its natural and man-made landmarks in the best possible ways. The Azerbaijan Tourism takes you through the best of the Historical Monuments spread throughout the city. Choosing the best of the Azerbaijan Tour Packages is very important to witness all.

    • Bayil Castle: the historical monument is located near Baku city at the bottom of sea waters. This is beautiful work of Shirvan-Absheron school of architecture. It sometimes surfaced by lowering and rising waters of Caspian Sea.
    • Ramany Tower: It is located in Ramany village of Baku at a height of 15 meters. The tower is built of white stone and it was used for defence purpose as the castle at Shrivanshah state time.
    • Mardakan Tower: It was built in four cornered shape in the middle of Shrivanshah state time. The tower was erected for Akhsitan’s bright victory as an honour. It was used for shelter and feudal purpose. It was also used as a watching point.
    • Sheikh Tower: It was used exclusively as watch point and people used to call it a Light tower. The building is located in Sayid Abdukheyr Sheikh land, therefore, the name was given based on the land.

    Azerbaijan Tour Packages

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    Azerbaijan is a country that can aid in providing every traveller a peace of mind that he was longing for long. The extensive beauty of the country, super historical buildings, beautiful architecture, culinary dishes, numerous activities, and the taste of the wines makes it a perfect holiday destination. Choose the Azerbaijan Tour Packages from Musafir to have an experience of unmatched Azerbaijan Tourism.

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