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    About Singapore

    Singapore, a famous island city-state of southern Malaysia and it is well-known for its moderate climate, multicultural populace. It offers various modern and historical digs to explore. Singapore is an international trade, commerce as well as transportation hub. Buddhism is the commonly followed religion in Singapore after that the second most followed religion is Christianity. The official language of Singapore is English, Mandarin Chinese, and Malay.

    Singapore holds the assortment of religions, languages and cultures. It contains various temples, churches and mosques. Sometimes Singapore is also referred as The Lion City and The Little Red Dot. It is a home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Botanical Gardens. The assortment of food is hyped as the main reason to trip this beautiful nation the cuisine of the Singapore marvellously depicts its multiculturalism. Singapore's location is amid different Asian countries this is the main cause of its cultural diversity.

    History of Singapore

    History of Singapore holds various phases according to some legendary tales Sumatran Prince spotted a tiger landing upon this island due to the thunderstorm; therefore, it is named as Singapore since Singa means Lion and Pura mean city. It has experienced a period of migration, as it was first occupied by Britain from the early years of the 19th century until the mid-20th century. Japan ruled it during World War 2. After that it faced shocking troubles of high redundancy, sluggish economic growth etc. but it overcome all problems, and in the year 1959 it became an autonomous state within the British territory.

    Things to do in Singapore

    Singapore presents its visitor everything from adventurous sites to natural sites, from shopping to enthralling nightlife. So to enjoy all these choose Singapore package deals according to your choice.

    • Enjoy enthralling nightlife- enjoy the nightlife of Singapore in discos, bars and restaurants.
    • Shopping- you can shop from markets and try to book your Singapore tour packages for the month of July as it is the time of the Great Singapore Sale.
    • Bird watching- you can enjoy bird watching in Jurong Bird Park here are 400 species of birds.
    • Enjoy Beach Life – your trio to Singapore is incomplete without enjoying the beach life in Singapore.
    • Rock Climbing – if you are an adventure freak then try out rock climbing at the Bukit Timah Quarries.
    • Wakeboarding – you can also take pleasure of wakeboarding in beaches of Singapore by including these places in your Singapore deals.
    • Ziplining – it is one of the best adventurous sports in Singapore you can enjoy ziplining at the Mega zip adventure park.
    • Zorbing – Singapore also offers this great outdoor adventurous activity. You will roll down from grassy hills in an inflatable ball during this event. You must add this activity in your Singapore package deals.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Singapore

    If you visit any overseas country you must give value to the country’s ethnicity, customs and practices to make your journey hassle-free. Here are some of the don’ts and do’s you must know before booking Singapore holiday packages.

    What to do?

    • Do greet seniors with respect as it is considered as well-mannered
    • While dining with Singaporeans be on time and try to drink and eat everything offered to you as it is judged as courteous.
    • Before taking to any third party wait to be introduced as it a custom in Singapore.
    • Instead of saying Good morning or how are you while greeting someone say have you eaten as Singaporean prefer to start the conversation with topics like food, arts and tourist attractions.
    • Do shake hand firmly after meeting someone in a societal occasion and also shake hand while you are leaving the place.

    What Not to Do?

    • Do not sell or import chewing gum as well as do not throw it anywhere after chewing; it is illegal in Singapore.
    • Do not eat in public trains and its stations it is not allowed.
    • Do not cross the road illegally as you might be fined for this offence.
    • Do not take any illegal drugs with you as it is considered to be a terrible crime here.
    • Do not forget to flush if you use any public toilet otherwise you have to pay the fine.
    • Do not smoke in common public places such as malls, schools and restaurants.
    • Do not discuss political issues openly.

    Places to visit in Singapore

    Singapore is one of the best tourist places in Asia; it houses various beautiful and amazing sites, these sites will be included in your Singapore tour deals. Here are some of the must-visit places in Singapore and if these are not included in your Singapore Holiday Packages than you should include them to make your holidays memorable.

    • Singapore Zoo- it is the rainforest zoos which offer marvellous sights of greenery and varied range of animals and birds.
    • Singapore Flyer- Singapore Flyer is the largest observation giant wheel in the world that gives marvellous views of the country.
    • Night Safari- it is the best place for animal and adventure lovers. The night is first ever night-time zoo in the world. You can also see traditional cultural programs here that will certainly fill you with excitement and joy. It is amust included place in your Singapore Holidays Packages.
    • Bay East Garden- it a perfect place for nature lovers as the place presents various splendid natural sights and lavish greenery. The key attraction of the garden is Supertree Grove.
    • Marina Bay Sands- the Marina Bay Sands resort complex is very popular amongst visitors it encompasses a hotel and a mall with high-end luxury brands.
    • Botanical Gardens- Botanical Gardens is UNESCO World Heritage site, and a must visit place while your trip to Singapore.

    Best time to visit Singapore

    Travelers can visit anytime all through the year to Singapore as the temperature of the place remains almost same all around the year. But ideal time to book Singapore tour packages is from July to August since at this time you can enjoy the Singapore Food Festival as well as the Great Singapore Sale. September to December is also the best time to perform various outdoor activities.

    Food to try

    Delicious and multi-ethnic food of Singapore will make your holiday time more pleasant. You can try out these dishes in your through your Singapore package deals. Some of the traditional and yummiest dishes of Singapore are:

    • Soto Ayam- it is a highly spiced chicken soup that contains chicken pieces and rice cakes.
    • Katong Laksa- it is soup in which thick rice noodles, boiled egg and prawn are served in spicy coconut curry.
    • Kaya Toast- it is a common dish of Singapore which is served during breakfast. In this dish sweet egg and coconut Jam, kaya is spread over hot toasted bread.
    • Rojak- It is a mixture of Indonesian, Indian and Malaysian touch. It is a vegetable and fruit salad which is tastes spicy and sweet simultaneously.
    • Chilli Crab - don’t miss to try out this tasty dish during your Singapore tour. The dish is prepared by the stir-frying crab in oil then cooked in chilli sauce.
    • Hainanese Chicken Rice- it is considered as the national dish of Singapore you can find this lip-smacking dish in almost every restaurant or food stall.
    • Pulut Hitam- it is a famous Singapore dessert which is prepared by black glutinous rice and it is served with sweet coconut cream.

    Historical monuments

    Singapore houses various historical monuments which are must visit sites. You should include these splendid sites in your Singapore tour packages to observe the beauty and significance of these sites. Some of the well-known historical monuments of Singapore are:

    • Sultan Mosque- The beautiful mosque is the biggest Mosque of the nation which was built by the first Sultan of Singapore, Sultan Hussein Shah in 1824.
    • The Kranji War Memorial- This war memorial is dedicated to the individual who martyred during World War II.
    • Thian Hock Keng Temple- It is the historical Chinese temple in Singapore which was built in 1842. The temple is filled with beautiful architecture and the temple complex houses two temples.
    • National Museum of Singapore- the museum is one of the best historical spots in Singapore. It was built in 1887 and it displays modern as well as past artistic heritage of Singapore. You must include this place in your Singapore Tour Deals.
    • Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple- Being the oldest Hindu temple in the country it is one of the well-liked historical spots with religious significance. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and was built by Hindus in 1881.
    • Maghain Aboth Synagogue- The monument is the beautiful amalgamation of regal and neoclassical style architecture. It was constructed in 1873 and is a worship place of the Jewish society.

    Singapore Tour Packages

    You can visit Singapore by air travel, the best airport of Singapore are Changi Airport, Seletar Airport and Paya Lebar Airport. While planning a trip to Singapore, you must acquire the knowledge of these airports to make your travelling stress-free. To get the best experience during your vacations while touring Singapore book your Singapore Holidays Packages from Musafir. We are one of the reliable travel agencies that offer great package deals to our clients. We give best services at affordable prices. Here are some of the reasons why to choose Musafir for Singapore tour deals to experience one of the memorable holidays of your life.

    Why choose

    • We truly believe in giving best of tour packages and other services to our clients according to their budget and requirement.
    • We thoroughly understand and recognise our client’s necessities to assist them in selection of best Singapore deals
    • Our efficient team provide 24/7 assistance to our each client. Our clients find our traveller guides helpful, understanding and supportive.
    • We implement a great approach to get our clients satisfaction.
    • We assist with visa support to our clients during Singapore package deals.
    • We offer best and cheapest hotel and flight bookings.
    • We provide these services at affordable rates.

    Singapore, offers various scenic beauties, beautiful historical architectures, exotic cuisines, marketplaces and sparkling nightlife to its visitors. But to enjoy all this correctly, you must book your Singapore tour packages from Musafir. By choosing Musafir for your Singapore trip, you will get an amazing and best experience for the lifetime.

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