Experience Jordan

The small, heart-shaped Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a thriving travel industry with visitors from around the world thronging to the small Middle Eastern country for a whistle-stop tour of the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, the eerie deserts of Wadi Rum, and, of course, Petra, that rose gold jewel in their crown. there is something extraordinarily privileged about visiting a 2,400-year-old city like Petra, there's so much more to Jordan.

Amman, the capital, is a mix of old and new and has Ammonite ruins dating back to 1200 B.C. as well as classical architecture from ancient Greece. It remained an important hub during the Islamic era but fell into disrepair around 700 A.D. and was only brought back to life in 1921, when Jordan was created. Don't miss out on the holiday experience that takes you back in time.