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      Price Match Guarantee

    This month, we've got a fantastic offer lined up for you!

    Pick your destination, pick your flights and if you can find a ticket price that's lower than what we're offering - then we can match your price.

    So get booking and if you find a price that's lower than our flight prices, get in touch with our flight experts on 600544405 or email us at help@musafir.com

    *Terms & Conditions:

    • The Price Match Guarantee Offer only applies to the flight component of your booking with musafir.com and does not apply to any land products.
    • You must pay for your flight(s) in full via www.musafir.com. Any option to hold a fare without paying in full at the time of booking does not qualify.
    • Qualifying flight(s) include both one way and return.
    • You are fully responsible for verifying and obtaining the documents required for your trip and visa.
    • This offer will only be valid if you find a lower price on OTA platforms based in the UAE. Lower fares from OTA platforms that do not operate in the UAE will not qualify under this offer.
    • The lower fare must be bookable online. Any lower fare that can be viewed but cannot be booked and paid online within the UAE will not be included under the Price Match Guarantee Offer.
    • To avail the offer, find a lower price than the one that we’re offering on musafir.com and call us on 600544405 or email us at help@musafir.com with a screenshot of the final price page that clearly indicates the date, time and the fare breakdown, for us to review.
    • Please be aware that sending a screenshot does not guarantee a booking. It will have to be vetted and verified by our flight team before being approved for redeeming.
    • The offer once vetted and approved by our flight team will only stay valid for 24 hours. You have 24 hours after approval of the lower fare by our flight team to book your flight with musafir.com and redeem the Price Match Guarantee Offer.
    • The minimum difference in fare should be AED 10 for price match guarantee offer.
    • This offer only applies to lower fares found in AED.
    • Musafir reserves the right to cancel this promotion or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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