The coolest things to do in Sharjah


    Star-studded sky, intriguing archaeological sites and desert safari make Mleiha a must-visit place in Sharjah. From adventure enthusiasts to history buffs to photo fanatics, this promising place tops the bucket list of all kinds of travellers. Experiences include Dune bashing, overnight camping, stargazing, archaeological tours, sunset lounge and many more.

    Archaeological tour

    Step into ATVs and step back in time to see Mleiha through the ages. Visit Stone Age caves, walk through a pre-Islamic fort and witness the community lifestyle and burials of the Bronze Age. Visitors will see Horse and Camel graves, farmhouse with kitchen, community village and Mleiha Fort as well

    Duration 1 hours
    Price per person AED 150

    Dune bashing

    The dune bashing experience consists of two tours: Extreme fossil climb: A one-hour adventure drive up to the top of Mleiha’s iconic Fossil Rock.

    Duration 1 hour
    Price per person AED 175

    Extreme tour

    Get your adrenaline rush by exploring the beautiful landscapes of Mleiha. Tourists will be driven to Fossil and Camel Rock followed by a thrilling experience across Faya Dunes and the Mleiha Desert.

    Duration 2 hours
    Price per person AED 300


    Whether you’re a budding photographer or a professional astronomer, you can learn and have fun with Mleiha's expert on Astrophotography and Astronomy. Learn how to capture distant celestial objects using telescopes and cameras together or even with a camera on its own.

    Stargazing price per person AED 90
    Sunset Lounge upgrade per person AED 130

    Sharjah Car Museum


    Located on the Airport Road, Sharjah Car Museum is a hotspot among car enthusiasts. It has an astounding collection of more than 100 vintage cars that date back to the 20th century. The sight of the glamorous cars is sure to transport you to a bygone era. Famous brands include Ford, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, Bedford, and the like.

    Price per adult AED 10
    Price per child (2 years and above) AED 5

    Rain Room


    Rain Room, located in Al Majarrah Park, is a popular attraction with 365 days of rain. Opened by Sharjah Art Foundation, this art installation uses 1,200 litres of recycled water to create a surreal experience. The room is equipped with motion sensors that detect movements and hold back the raindrops. With no rain gear, you can walk through the continuous downpour and not get wet!

    Tickets to the Rain Room can be purchased here

    Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences

    The Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences is a hotspot among astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers. Run by NASA, this is a go-to place for research, education and science. This centre offers interactive experiences and is home to a Planetarium, Astronomical Observatory, Space Exhibition, Cosmic Park and Astronomy Exhibition. You can enjoy shows which include Black Holes, Undiscovered Worlds, Stars, Astronaut and Dawn of the Space Age.

    Tickets to the Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences are issued only for a specific date and time.

    Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization


    Situated in the Al-Majjarah area, the museum houses a number of rare Islamic artefacts. Get to know more about Islamic faith, art, culture, traditions and discoveries. Check out ancient objects like scientific instruments, calligraphy, carvings and ceramics. Sections include Islamic Coins Display, Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology, Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith and Islamic Art Galleries.

    Tickets to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization are issued only for a specific date and time.

    Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa


    Located in the coastal town of Khorfakkan, Oceanic Resort is ideal for a weekend getaway or a staycation. There is a private beach area, diving centre, fitness centre and an outdoor pool - you will be spoilt for choice. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment, tantalise your palate with toothsome cuisines and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    Rates for the Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa are issued only for a specific date and time.

    Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club

    Tucked away on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, this club is quite popular among sports enthusiasts. Indulge in first-class facilities for rifle and pistol shooting, golf and indoor and outdoor paintball games. Other amenities include a signature spa, gym, football fields, conference centre and restaurants.

    Golfing session AED 115
    Archery (10 shots) AED 45
    Shotgun Shooting AED 120
    Tactical Plate Shooting (15 Shots) AED 250
    Paintball AED 85

    Sharjah Aquarium

    SHJ Aquarium

    Spread across 6500-square-metres, the Sharjah Aquarium is situated in Al Khan Old. It is home to 20 aquariums and approximately 150 marine species. Learn about Sharjah’s historic ports and coasts and enjoy a close-up view of the marine life. Some of the species include reef shark, seahorse, clownfish and moray eels.

    Price per adult AED 25
    Price per child (2 years and above) AED 15

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