5 must-know tips for travelling with kids

  • Travelling with KidsWhile we all love travelling with kids, we do admit that having toddlers around can be a nightmare. And once their temper is ticked off, there’s no guessing when they'll calm down. Handling the outbursts of your kid is a huge task, especially while travelling. Lo and behold! Here are some pro-tips to deal with the tantrums of your kids and be their superhero.

    1. Involve kids in the planning process

    Build the excitement of the trip by taking their suggestions, showing them videos of the holiday destination and asking for their advice. This will stoke their interest levels and your kids will look forward to the vacation.

    2. Prepare for the journey in advance

    Road trips or long flights, both can get equally unnerving at times. While shortening the journey or avoiding bumpy rides is not under your control, you can definitely prepare beforehand. Consider packing snacks and toys that your kids like. Download games and songs of their choice to keep them engaged. Try arranging for activities that can be done on-the-go, like drawing, colouring, et al. Also carry a baby-first-aid kit to tackle any sickness that might happen during your vacation. Do a thorough research on the destination and find out whether a vaccination for the family is required or not.

    3. Try avoiding long flights and bumpy rides

    If you have a choice, you should definitely avoid flight booking of long routes or take bumpy car rides. Get them accustomed to travelling by taking them on shorter trips. This way, you also get a fair idea of handling them. You might want to keep some of your bucket listed trips on hold for a while, but that’s the kind of sacrifice you make for being a superhero.

    4. Find company for your kids

    If your baby finds an accomplice on the vacation, he is definitely going to be happy about it. It would really be ideal to have some company from the same group, but if that’s not the case, choose family-friendly destinations where you are bound to find someone of the similar age. This also helps build their social and interpersonal skills.

    5. Involve them in edutaining activities

    There are ample of destinations around the world that offer interactive learning experiences. Your kid will not only enjoy the activity, but also learn a great deal from them. This will definitely give them an edge over other kids from their age group. Travelling is the best way your kid can learn about life.

    Bonus: Stay calm, stay fit and stay healthy.

    Handling your kid’s tantrum requires a great deal of patience. While we all agree that it is not easy to tackle them, it is extremely necessary that you take care of your health. Your well-being will define how you manage your kids on the holiday. Don’t forget to carry your medicines and essentials while getting your bag ready. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip. Don’t stress out; a holiday is for you to unwind. It is the time when you’ll bond with your kid. Keep calm and become your kid's superhero!

    By Winnie Karnik