A 3-day itinerary to experience the best of Italy

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    Italy is one of the most charming countries in the world. Be it the fashion capital of Milan, the romantic Venice, the picturesque Florence and the architectural landmarks in Rome – all of this and more make Italy a must-visit in your bucket list.

    But the best of Italy can be experienced in 3 days. This is how you do it.

    main attractions

    Day 1 – Arrive at the Rome Airport

    Fondly called as the Eternal City, Rome is where the Roman Empire emerged. Over time, this vibrant city has evolved into a popular hub of art, culture, and religion. The first day of your Italian holiday should ideally begin with a sightseeing tour of Rome. Take a walk through history and explore the Roman ruins. Marvel at the magnificent monuments and incredible works of architecture. Explore the thousand-year-old churches - especially the St Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican City - the vibrant piazzas and Vatican museums. Of all the legendary structures in Italy, Colosseum is the most iconic of them all.


    Day 2 – Take a train to Tuscany

    Time required – 1.5hrs to 2hrs

    Tuscany is popular for its lush landscape and laidback charm. It is best to find an accommodation in Florence's city centre to ensure that you are close to all the major landmarks. Even though Florence is popular for its museums and monuments, it is better to stay away from them since you have already visited them in Rome. We recommend that you take a trip to Chianti, the Tuscan region that is popular for its picturesque countryside. You can also explore Siena,a beautiful medieval city that is worth visiting.


    Day 3 – Take a train to Venice

    Time required – 1.5hrs to 2hrs

    Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. A favourite among the honeymooners, you must not miss the Gondola ride. The other attractions in Venice include Doge’s Palace and Torre dell Orogolia, a clock tower built in the 15th century. Another must-see is the Grand Canal, a 2-mile-long street which is also one of the most highly photographed attractions.


    Day 4 – Fly back to Dubai from Venice Airport


    By Neetu George