Musafir Journal - Anjana in Kenya

  • Kenya

    Home to 60 National Parks and Reserves, Kenya is truly a wildlife lover's dream destination. The annual wildebeest migration that occurs in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the biggest wonders of the world. Musafir resident Anjana is just back from a holiday to this spectacular destination. She shares her experience here.

    How was your holiday in Kenya?

    We enjoyed this vacation to the core. We were really excited to see four out of the BIG 5. Rhino spotting was the best experience from this trip. It was totally unexpected that we did not get enough time to click. Rhino came running towards our van and we held our breath. It almost felt like it was going to attack us.


    You are a frequent traveller. Which are your favourite places, and is Kenya on your top 3?

    Well, we have been to ten countries so far and Switzerland definitely tops the list. But we must say that Kenya features in our best 3 because of the mind-blowing experience we had there. Kenya is a destination like no other where you can see the wild animals in their natural habitat.


    Tell us something you noticed about the locals in Kenya.

    We found Kenyans to be extremely warm and welcoming. The staff who took care of us at the lodges where we stayed would keep the conversation going at all times. Their warmth and smiles made our holiday so much more pleasurable.


    Kenya is considered as an offbeat destination by many. Did you take any preparations or precautions before your travel?

    We always prefer charting our itinerary and travelling at our own pace. But this time we travelled in a group to ensure that we are safe. But there was never a single instance where we felt unsafe. But I would advise against roaming in the city during night.


    How was the climate and culture in Kenya?

    If you travel to Kenya from UAE during the summer, it’s very likely that you would love the weather. The average temperature was a pleasant 24 degree during the day and it further went down in the night. And that million dollar smile spotted by the locals made our holiday more enjoyable.


    Did you try anything offbeat during this vacation?

    We got to meet the Masai people. It was a great experience to see them dancing to their cultural songs. We know this is a must-do on a Kenyan holiday. But it was definitely an off-beat experience for us.


    By Neetu George