Must-Have Experiences When Visiting Mumbai

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    Each city, each country, provides you with unique memorable experiences. Mumbai is no different. This vibrant city of India has a lot to offer, and some experiences are that you simply cannot miss out on, or else it will be as if you didn’t visit Mumbai at all! So if you are visiting the lively city of Mumbai, here’s a bucket list of eight experiences you simply must tick off!

    Travel by local transport

    There is nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair as you travel in a Rickshaw through the streets of Mumbai, or stand by the open door on a local train as you hear vendors selling their items in a melodious tone. If possible, enjoy a scooty or motorbike ride to experience a thrilling way to tour Mumbai whilst avoiding the bulk of traffic!

    Experience the sunrise at Gateway of India

    Gateway of India

    This serene and memorable moment will take your breath away, as the first light of day hits the city, rising from behind the majestic Gateway of India. It is also refreshing to not be at a crowded location, which it normally is, since you will be there at the crack of dawn before anyone else.

    Enjoy seasonal fruits

    Whether it is drinking fresh coconut water from a street vendor, or water chestnuts from a local market stall, the taste of seasonal fruits does not come into comparison with their store bought counterparts.

    Indulge in Street food

    Street food

    Since we are on the topic of eating, do not forget what India is notorious for. It’s street food. Grab a plate of Paani Puri, Bhel Puri, Pau Bhaji, Khaman or whatever takes your fancy, along with a box of tissues and a water bottle, and savour the spices. Mind you, foreign stomachs can be rather delicate to the tastes of India, so be prepared with indigestion tablets!

    Bargain, bargain, bargain

    Indians love it. Bargaining. Sure, shopping at various malls around Mumbai is great, but be sure to experience the street markets too. (There’s a great one behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel) However, don’t be fooled by the first price that is given, and put your bargaining skills to test. You may well be surprised at what great bargains you make!

    Adorn your hands with Mehndi

    This one is for the ladies. When in India, you absolutely must adorn your hands with Mehndi or Henna. The smell and stain of this temporary tattoo will linger on your hands for at least a week, and the intricate patterns are stunning to look at.

    Take an evening stroll on the Marina Drive


    Marina Drive is a crescent shaped boulevard along the coast of South Mumbai, and makes for a great spot to go for a stroll during sunset and do some people watching. Take in the bustling activities of the city and enjoy dinner along the coastline at one of the many restaurants overlooking the coastal view.

    These are just eight of the many experiences that Mumbai has to offer. How many of these have you ticked off your Mumbai bucket list? Are there any experiences that I have missed out and you think should be added above? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    By Zeyna