Five must-do things in Bahrain

  • Things to do in Bahrain

    Welcome to the land of spices and pearls! A country which is home to 30 islands, Bahrain has been a centre of trade routes for a long time. Flanked by Saudi Arabia on its west and Qatar on its southeast, Bahrain is slowly evolving as a tourism destination. This nation hosts spectacular buildings like the twin towers of Bahrain’s World Trade Centre, the ultra-stylish F1 racing track and many manmade islands. These are some of the must-do things when you holiday in Bahrain.

    1. Enjoy a feast at the Capital Club cooked by the top chefs. Lovely food, stunning views and some egalitarian company – you are going to love this. But you need to shell out big bucks to access it. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

    2. Party lovers! The best way to enjoy a night in Bahrain is to dance into the wee hours at Lunarfest on Al Dar Islands. This full moon party occurs once every quarter, so make sure you check the dates before you book a flight.


    3. Explore the Arabian souks of Manama which capture the essence of the city. Shop for some spices, herbs, fragrances and antique objects to take back home.

    4. Though Bahrain has evolved into a financial centre now, the country’s economy was dependent on pearl diving once upon a time. Even though this was a highly risky activity at one point, now there are many technologies in place that has made pearl diving a safer activity. So try out pearl diving to add an element of excitement in your holiday.

    5. Bahrain is popular for its cultural treasures, so it’s only fair to experience the cultural side of this fantastic country. Begin your cultural exploration with Bahrain National Museum, which is home to of Dilmun-era artefacts gathered from several archaeological sites in the country. The next in line should be Muharraq’s pearl heritage, which comprises of many royal residences and merchant’s houses.


    By Neetu George