Fly with Emirates for a great experience

  • Emirates

    After YouTuber ‘Casey Neistat’s’ slick Youtube video, millions of people were exposed to the awesome experience Emirates offer their passengers when flying first class. At a whopping £4000 for a return from London Gatwick to Dubai, you will get your money’s worth! If you are looking for something cheaper, read the economy class section below.

    With me? Great! Let’s begin.

    First Class:

    Shower Spa

    If you are part of the ‘mile high club’, you can boast about your shower spa while shooting through the air on your way to Dubai! What would you rather tell your friends about?

    No Queueing


    While you glance over at the economy check in queue with a cheeky smirk on your face, you can check your bags in without the need of queueing, and head straight to the First Class Lounge!

    Qantas First Class Lounge

    Run by Emirate’s partner, Qantas, their lounges are decorated with marble stone to make you feel like you’re in a palace rather than a busy airport.

    Wonderful On-Flight Dining

    You have access to a long list of meals, including a Spanish Omelette, while you are flying with Emirates airline. I didn’t know that existed either!


    Whether you are kicked-back in the lounge or looking down at the ocean from the highs of the sky, you always have great privacy. When seated on the plane, you are hidden by an automated door so you can dine in peace or sleep without waking up to your sleeping face that has gone viral on Facebook!

    Fast Track Pass


    When descending, you are given a fast track pass to get through immigration in minutes.This is handy for the tight-scheduled businessman! Has there ever been a bad review of the Emirates First Class? Probably not. Which is why I say it is a MUST!

    Economy Class

    Environmental-Friendly Blankets

    On select flights, you are provided with a soft fleece blanket that has been crafted from 400ml bottles that have been transformed into a fine thread!


    You have unlimited access to free WiFi and in-seat power so you can stay connected even when you’re shooting through the endless sky!

    Region-Inspired Food On-Flight


    When on board, you are served delicious food inspired by the region you’re flying to. This will have you drooling for more and will give you the holiday flavour!


    The first thing you will notice when you drop into the heavenly Emirates seat is the TV screen placed on the back of the seat in front of you. You will be able to listen to music, watch a range of films and TV shows or test your patience with their selection of fun games!

    Young Flyers Get Special Attention

    Young minds aboard the Emirates plane will be treated with special toys, meals and dedicated TV channels. If you have a child, you can be rest-assured you will be left feeling relieved when you stroll off your flight with no moaning and groaning children! (Unless they want to get back on the flight because it was that good!).

    By : Ollie Birk