Why Oman should be your next travel destination!

  • Bimmah sinkhole

    Tucked away on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is home to the golden dunes, desert landscapes, famous forts and splendid mountain ranges. Authentic architecture, beautiful wadis, unique culture and turquoise waters define the soul of the Sultanate of Oman. We’ve curated a list of unmatched experiences in Oman for your next getaway. Be it adventure or your love for nature; this haven has it all

    Bimmah Sinkhole

    Get ready for the best swim of your life! This dramatic sinkhole is also known as ‘Hawaiyat Najm’ meaning ‘The Falling Star’; the locals here believe that the creation took place due to a meteorite. According to geologists, the dissolution of lower layers of
    limestones caused the surface layer to collapse, thereby creating this natural wonder.

    Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve

    Raz al Jinz Turtle Reserve

    Have you ever observed turtles creating their nests and prepare for the nesting season? Well, plan a trip to this natural reserve where every year roughly 20,000 green turtles lay eggs, a rarest of a rare experience you shouldn’t miss. 

    Nakhal Fort

    Located in the Al Batinah region, the Nakhal Fort is one of the most famous attractions of the country. Interestingly, this fort was constructed to fit in an irregularly shaped rock. Built during the pre-Islamic era, this historic monument amidst palm orchards will take you back in time. You can also visit the fort museum here displaying historical guns.

    Ayn Khor Waterfall

    Ayn Khor WaterFall

    Huddled in the city of Salalah, the Ayn Khor Waterfall is a crowd-puller. The beauty of this natural wonder is best experienced during the Khareef season (June to  September). It is during this period when the region experiences regular rains and the waterfall charms everyone with its compelling beauty. You’ll fall in love with the lush green mountains and misty pastures. Witness bliss as you see Ayn Khor’s clear waters slide down the turquoise pool.

    Wadi Tiwi


    If you love emerald waters, lush plantations and old villages, then make your way to Wadi Tiwi. This place is also called the ‘Wadi of Nine Villages’. As the famous saying goes, “You may leave Wadi Tiwi, but Wadi Tiwi never leaves you.” 

    By Vijaylakshmi Thakur