Thanksgiving dishes around the world

Neetu George, November 21, 2017
It's day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year

It might be a popular American tradition, but Thanksgiving has caught on in Dubai as well. Be it going out with families for Thanksgiving dinners in Dubai, or experimenting in your kitchen, people are becoming more enthusiastic about making it a thing. Take a look at some classic dishes cooked during the festival around the globe, and see if you can recreate your version for Thanksgiving 2017. Read on, and oh! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thai turkey meatballs, Thailand

Bursting with Thai flavours like curry paste, fish sauce, ginger, basil, green onions and coconut milk, this is a perfect Thanksgiving recipe. Thank you Thailand.

Hasselback potatoes, Sweden

This wholesome potato dish has crispy edges like French fries and creamy luscious insides. It’s a great side dish to enjoy with the family. And for once, forget the calories, it’s thanksgiving for heaven’s sake!

Turkey mole chilli, Mexico

Turkey mole chilli is a Mexican-inspired turkey dish which is loaded with spices. Keep a glass of water handy, lest a fiery chilly hits the back of your throat.

Turkey meat loaf with fig gravy, England

Want to add an English twist to this American festival? Go ahead and fix yourself a meat loaf with fig gravy. Slice them up and pass it around the table. This glorious dish will leave you asking for more. Drool!

Potato gnocchi, Italy

A lipsmacking potato dish with small dumplings of dough is a great dinner idea for Thanksgiving to enjoy with the family. The Italians can never go wrong with their food.

We know that you are already drooling reading it. But if nothing works, you always have the good old roasted turkey to save your day.