Hahn Airlines

    Hahn Air Lines GmbH is a German airline is headed in Dreieich, Germany. The company offers scheduled and charter air assistance from Düsseldorf Airport, where its aircraft are based. The company`s main business, however, is an e-ticket platform that provides travel agencies access to airlines via computer booking systems.

    Hahn Air began as a German domestic airline in 1994 and has developed to become a much bigger enterprise since then. It is now well known for its e-ticketing platform that is utilized by airlines all over the world.

    The fleet

    Hahn Air employs a fleet of Cessna business jets that are administered by well-trained pilots to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. The carrier operates scheduled flights between Dusseldorf and Luxembourg that leave and arrive twice a week. A first class charter flight service is also granted by the airline, with passengers being capable of deciding their flight schedules.


    Currently, the airline functions one scheduled journey as well as charter flights within Europe. Hahn Air operates 2 Cessna CitationJet CJ4 from Dusseldorf Airport Center and Luxemburg Findel Airport. The airline also serves charter flights to around 1,500 departure and destination airports.

    Business Class

    For charter flights, the airline employs Citation Jet 4 business jet which is among the newest airplanes. The cabin of the airline possesses of environment-friendly and quiet engines. In first class seats can fully recline and amenities like breakfasts on board, well-kept bar and taxi services directly on the tarmac are available.

    All passengers traveling by Hahn Air are given free access the Hugo Junkers Lounge in Dusseldorf and Business Lounge Luxembourg. The lounge voucher and further information is available during check-in.

    Onboard credentials

    Hahn Air Lines received the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate in 2007 and has transformed it regularly since then. It is based in Dusseldorf airport, and procedure to move to the Egelsbach airport in Frankfurt in the near future.

    Online booking

    Flight tickets on Hahn Air can be booked at the official website of the airline or from the accredited travel agents. Online booking for flight is the reliable way to book your flight on Hahn Air but this service is chargeable and a small service fee is levied. Tickets can likewise be booked from the airline’s counter at the airport. Through online booking, you can also get flight information along with details in flight schedules and updated flight status information.

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