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    About Armenia

    Armenia is beautiful country, positioned in the southern Caucasus. It is surrounded by Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey from all directions. It is the first nation in the globe to hold Christianity legally as its religion. The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan and its official language is Armenian. Armenia houses the oldest church in the world, i.e. Apostolic Church. Mount Ararat holds emblematic and exemplary worth for all Armenians.

    The place is full of ancient churches, fortresses and monasteries. Some of them are even the part of UNESCO World Heritage site. Most of the people in Armenia follow the Christianity religion. Armenia is famous for its Café culture and dairy products. Armenia is also famous for its fruit-flavored wine production as it houses one of the oldest wineries in the world. The national fruit of Armenia is Apricot. Various mineral abundant lakes and springs with great medicinal benefits are also found in the country.

    History of Armenia

    Armenia holds great and interesting history which is around 3,000 years old. It was recognised during the Orontid Dynasty period within the Empire of Achaemenid. Armenia gained its peak during the regime of King Tigranes II 95 and 66 BC and proved out to be the most influential territory of that time.

    All through its history, the territory of Armenia experienced both era of independence as well as the era of autonomy as it frequently rotated amid Persian, Byzantine, Greeks, Turkish, Romans, Arabs and Mongol control. Its tactical position amid two continents has provoked the attacks by loads of peoples.

    Things to do in Armenia

    Armenia is an astonishing place which offers lots of activities via Armenia Tourism to its visitors so you must go for these activities during your Armenia Holidays.

    • Skiing and Snowboarding - If you are visiting in winter months then skiing and snowboarding down the lofty hill slopes at the Tsaghkadzor are the best adventurous activities.
    • Enjoy sparkling nightlife- while you’re Armenia Tourism you must enjoy fabulous and sparkling night life of Armenia especially in its capital Yerevan.
    • Lake views - steep in the spectacular sights of Lake Sevan as well as the neighbouring area. Lake Sevan is a significant place for local populace as it covers the vast area in Armenian homeland.
    • Camping - Your Armenian trip in incomplete without camping in tree houses in Lastiver you must include this place in your Armenia Tourism.
    • Bird watching - Armenia is an abode to many birds’ species such as eagles, falcons and swans etc. try out bird watching to make you trip enjoyable.
    • Paragliding - If you’re an adventure lover then you must enjoy the paragliding in Yerevan.
    • Zip line - If you haven’t tried this adventure sport then try out it at Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan.
    • Hiking - it is another activity to be accomplished during Armenian Holidays in particular between the Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries region.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Armenia

    Every place has its fantasy and rules so while you’re Armenia Holidays, you must keep in mind some of the points to make your holiday's hassle and trouble free.

    What to do?

    • Always follow the rule of ladies first as it is judged as courteous to allow ladies to be first to enter a room or bus.
    • As coffee bars are trendy in Armenia so you must gulp a cup of aromatic coffee in their best coffee shop such as Jazzve during Armenian Tourism.
    • Prepare yourself to eat lots of food if you are feasting with Armenians as they will serve you until your tummy is overloaded.
    • Since Armenia is one of the oldest nations to manufacture wine. So don’t miss to try out mouth-watering and appetising wines made from grapes, apricots and pomegranate.

    What Not to Do?

    • Avoid talking about Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh since it is an enormously sensitive matter due to sharp enduring disagreement with Azerbaijan regarding Nagorno-Karabakh.
    • Don’t smoke in public places as smoking is illicit on loads of public areas.
    • If you are visiting churches in Armenia, then don’t wear shorts, miniskirts, sleeveless shirts or tops, etc.

    Places to visit in Armenia

    Armenia is a well-liked tourist attraction due to its great and prosperous history as well as beautiful and amazing places it offers to visitors. Here are some of the must visit places you must include in your Armenia Tourism list.

    • Yerevan - Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. The city is full of historic places. The must visit places in Yerevan are Armenian Genocide Memorial, Blue Mosque and Vernissage flea.
    • Dilijan National Park - the park is popular amongst tourists due to its historical monuments and medicinal water springs.
    • Shikahogh State Reserve - it is one of the biggest forest reserves in Armenia. The reserve offers different varieties of flora and fauna to visitors.
    • Vanadzor - Vanadzor is one of the best places to explore the scenic beauty of Armenia. The Vanadzor Botanical Garden and Vanadzor fine art museum well-admired tourist attractions in this beautiful city.
    • Lake Sevan - Lake Sevan is the biggest lake in Armenia. It is famous for its turquoise green water and calm atmosphere. It offers leisure activities like Windsurfing and it also acquires several beaches.
    • Mount Aragats - Mount Aragats is one of the eye-catching natural highlights must to add place in Armenia Holidays list. Although it not the part of the nations but it has various historical connections with the nation.
    • Noravank - Noravank is an astonishing monastery and it is renowned for its Astvatsatsin Church.

    Best time to visit Armenia

    The best time to go for Armenia Tourism would be amid May and June or September and October. Since this is the period when the atmosphere of the place is at its best and climate is moderate as well as the weather conditions are very relaxed and perfect for exploring the destination. If you are a snow lover than December and January are ideal months for Armenian Holidays to do various snow activities.

    Food to try

    Armenia Tourism will become fascinating after you munch on traditional Armenian foods and dishes. You may indulge most of the famous traditional cuisines and drinks during your Armenia Holidays. Below are some of the famous and mouthwatering dishes of Armenia.

    • Khorovats - Khorovats is a fantastic barbeque dish that is made with chicken or lamb or beef as per your choice. It is flavoured with Armenian spices and onions and bell peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are also included in the meal to enhance the taste.
    • Khash - It is a traditional Armenian dish which is loved by all it consists lamb or beef feet that are overnight slow-cooked in water. It is enjoyed as a happy winter meal. You must feast this dish during your Armenia Holidays.
    • Borscht - Borscht is a mouth tickling mix vegetable soup customarily cooked with beetroot as an essential item; it is served up with fresh cream.
    • Matsun - Matsun is also top-rated and refreshing milk product.
    • Dolma- It is another must try Armenian dish during Armenia Tourism which is prepared by wrapping minced meat by grapes leaves.
    • Byoreks - Byoreks are delicious pies prepared with phyllo pastry as well as it is stuffed with cheese or spinach. They are a well-liked nibble and junk food and are served as the appetizer.

    Historical monuments

    Armenia is home to numerous striking historical monasteries and churches and they are mostly situated in regions of pure and mesmerising natural beauty. While you’re Armenia Tourism, you must visit these Historical Monuments. To visit and explore these beautiful monuments you must include these places in your list of Armenia Holidays.

    • The Garni Temple - Garni temple is one of the most remarkable historical sites in Armenia. It is a Greco-Roman temple compound which was possibly constructed in the 1st Century AD.
    • Haghpat Monastery - Haghpat Monastery is one of the must visit the place during your Armenian holidays as it is the most admired spot amongst tourists. It is an excellent example of pre-historic Armenian architecture and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    • Sanahin Monastery - It is a historical religious church complex which was built in 967 AD in Lori region of Armenia. It holds various splendid churches and chapels, an arched library, a three-walkway gavit hall and a bell tower.
    • Monastery of Geghard - the monastery of Geghard houses various vaults and churches, which exhibits beautiful and striking historical Armenian architecture.
    • Churches and Cathedral of Echmiatsin - these churches and cathedrals are great examples of marvellous historic artistic and architectural majesty.

    Armenia Tour Packages

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