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    About Maldives

    Maldives is a tropical country, considered as one of the most beautiful homes of islands in the world. It is made is made up of more than 1100 islands which are so perfectly situated that it's hard not to become unenthusiastic about them. With around 4,27,756 inhabitants, Maldives is the smallest Asian country in terms of both, the land area and population. Malé is the most populated city and the capital of this small nation, also known as king's island because of its central location.

    While exploring the picturesque beaches, you'll consistently find whiter-than-white powder sand and dazzling blue water, which is really hard to find almost anywhere else on this planet. This is the only reason why millions of people travel miles to feel the exotic ambiance of this tiny, remote and otherwise little-known Indian Ocean paradise. Your Maldives holidays will become more exciting once you are aware of these facts about the place.

    History of Maldives

    In 500 BC, the Aryans migrated and settled in an island to form Maldives. Later, these Aryans, who were Buddhists in real, were converted to Islam by Sunny Muslim Abu Al Barakat. Barakat’s tomb is situated in Malé and is named as Hukuru Mosque. Constructed in 1656, it is the oldest mosque of the country.

    After rules of 26 dynasties, Maldives became complete republic in 1968. The last dynasty of the country was Huraage Dynasty. Maldives has great diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka from years. The Maldives packages must include the following information along with the different adventures of the place.

    Things to do in Maldives

    Since Maldives is a place that is known for the various adventures that can be tried, make sure you choose the Maldives holiday deals that include the following adventures to try:

    • 1.Shopping: Maldives is one of the most preferred places for doing shopping by many people. It is, therefore, the favorable choice of the people on their honeymoon. Thus, they look for a Maldives honeymoon package that includes many places to shop.
    • 2.Visiting different places: The visitor must focus on choosing the Maldives packages that offer them a wide variety of places that can be visited during their tour.
    • 3.Trying different varieties of cuisines: Be very specific that your Maldives travel package must include places from where you can try the different cuisines of the place.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Maldives

    The following are the things that should be taken care of the Maldives holiday deals:


    • Do try the delicious local food such as Rihaakuru and Masburi Riha, Garudhiya and Baiy.
    • Do watch Cultural dance shows.
    • Do Visit the fish and local market to experience the daily routine of the locals.
    • Do click the pictures while taking a walk around Malé.
    • Do remember to take off your shoes while entering a local's home.
    • Dress nicely and well covered while visiting a mosque or any other religious place.
    • Do buy an authentic and memorable souvenir before coming to your home country.
    • Do visit an inhabited island to experience their traditional values and have their homemade food.
    • Do smile a lot.
    • Do try to learn some of the basic phrases of their local language.


    • Don't sunbathe without clothes, Nudity is strictly prohibited in Maldives.
    • Don't purchase and sell the protected species of Maldives like, turtle shell and black corals.
    • Don't bring the alcoholic drinks into the Maldives. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the local island.
    • Don't consume food or smoke publicly during the month of Ramadan in Malé.
    • Do not throw the waste in the streets.
    • Do not pick or touch the corals under the water while diving into the sea.
    • Do not throw plastic bags into the sea, it can be hazardous.
    • Don't get too close to your opposite gender friend or family member, Maldives is traditionally conservative when it comes to physical expressions.
    • Don't bring belongings which can be offensive to Islam.

    Places to visit in Maldives

    The following are the places to be visited in your Maldives vacation:

    • The national museum: The national museum covers a wide variety of historic connection that specifies the great culture of the place. You can get all the history of the place in the museum of the place.
    • Utheemu Ganduvaru: The place talks about the national hero of Maldives. The place is the home of the hero where he used to stay with his brothers and family. The place shows some of the great belongings that speak for his stay and living.
    • Old Friday Mosque: The old Friday mosque is a beautiful place that has been designed with the traditional scriptures and Quranic scripts. The visitors can expect some amazing work of art that specifies the beautiful traditional belongings of the place.
    • Sala Thai: The place is a restaurant that contains a wide variety of food items. You can choose any of the items of your choice. Talking about the specialty of the restaurant, it is very famous for serving authentic soups, curries, and noodles at affordable prices.
    • Produce market: The very famous produce market of Maldives is another highlight in the Maldives vacation. In the market, you can get the real flavors of the place and see the real inside beauty. It is just like a local market of the place and you can find some of the unique things in this market at affordable prices.

    Best time to visit Maldives

    The perfect time to visit Maldives is Between November and April. The most popular time to visit is between December and March. The monsoon runs from May to October. It is recommended to pay little high prices for your Maldives honeymoon package and enjoy the dry season as there is nothing to do on a rainy day except scuba diving or drink.

    Food to try

    The place is also known for offering a wide variety of food to the visitors. You can have any variety of food items as per your mood. Also, the food items are one of the highlights of the Maldives holidays. Let us have a look at the various food items offered:

    • Garudhiya: This dish is one of the popular dishes of the place. The dish is a perfect and delicious combination of fish along with lime, rice, onions, and chili. You will surely love the taste of the dish.
    • Mas huni: This is yet another amazing dish of fish. It contains the fish which is served with onions and grated coconuts. It is the most common breakfast of the people in the place.
    • Fihunu mas: The dish will simply leave you wondering whether to appreciate the taste or the presentation of the dish. The dish which is a perfect combination of barbecued fish with chilies and spices is extremely delicious in taste and also focuses to be innovative in its presentation.
    • Bajiya: This is pastry dish which is stuffed with the mixture of fish, onions, and coconuts. The dish is the most popular snack of the place.

    Historical monuments

    The different historical monuments that should be included in the Maldives packages are as follows:

    • Utheemu Ganduvaru - This was the residential place of Sultan Mohammed Thankurufaan
    • Biyadhoo Island Resort - This is the very peaceful and calm place and the best reef house.
    • Hukuru Miskiiy - This place is more commonly known as the Friday Mosque.
    • National Museum - This museum is located in Malé. You can find a lot of historical artifacts in this Museum.
    • Hp Reef - This is the most famous spot for diving in Maldives. It is best for exploring the colorful fishes.
    • Banana Reef - This reef is in the shape of a banana which is spread over 300 meters from north to south direction.
    • Manta Point - At this place, you can see the manta rays.
    • Alimatha Island - This is the best place to have a great diving experience and it also provides an amazing sight of the beautiful aquarium.
    • Sun Island Resort - This is the perfect place for the greenery lovers.
    • Bluetribe Moofushi - At this place, you can have the water sports activities.

    Plan a trip:

    It is quite easy to reach this beautiful island and get the most amazing Maldives travel package via different airlines and cruises. Malé International Airport, which is the major airport of the country, connects Maldives to various Southeast Asian countries. You can also board the direct flights coming from Dubai or chartered ones coming from Europe, Singapore or China.

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