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    About Nepal

    Nepal, the very famous centralized Himalayan country in the region of South Asia has 7 states and 75 districts in total to add charm to its beauty. Nepal lies in between the China and India. It has its northern boundaries with China whereas, towards its south, west and east lies India. Nepal covers a huge area. It has approximately 147,181 of the area. Along with this huge covering area over the globe, Nepal also has 145-241km towards the north-south region and about 850km from west to east.

    As far as the specialties of Nepal are concerned, Nepal is very famous for having a wide range in the bio-diversity. The position of the Nepal and its variations with the altitudes make Nepal unique in its own kind. The Himalayan connection of Nepal in its east to the west side makes it even more special and attracts many visitors to book their Nepal holiday packages.

    History of Nepal

    If you are planning a Nepal tour then you must also be aware of the history of the place. The place is extremely popular amongst the visitors for the availability of the great Himalayas in its boundaries. Most of the Nepal travel packages cover this uniqueness of Nepal as their highlighted points. The Nepal tour also becomes exciting as you will observe a wide variety of cultures, religions, languages, ethics, etc. in the country. Nepali is the most common language that is used in the place. Nepal overcame its monarchy ruling in the year 2006 when the parliament of Nepal took serious steps in the direction.

    Things to do in Nepal

    There are a number of things that you can try when you are in Nepal. Some of the most popular things that you must include in your Nepal holiday packages are:

    • Trekking: Trekking is one of the popular things that most of the visitors do in Nepal. It doesn't matter if you have an experience in trekking or are a fresher Nepal is the perfect place to trek. The place has some of the best trek routes which make the experience of the trekker completely outstanding.
    • Panoramic Flight over the Himalayas: If you have a dream to trek over the great Himalayas, then Nepal is the place to do so. The place has the perfect arrangement that helps the visitors to experience the unmatched adventure of the panoramic flight over the mountain peaks under their Nepal packages. The peaks allow the visitor to experience the beauty of the great Himalayas right in front of them.
    • Visiting Pokhara: Pokhara is one of the highlights of Nepal and is a great attraction for the nature lovers. If you too have a nature lover inside you then you must definitely explore the beauty of Pokhara.
    • Mountain Biking: If you are adventurous and love to try different adventures then you must include the mountain biking in your Kathmandu tour package. Kathmandu is very popular in letting the visitors experience the true adventure of riding a bike on the top of the mountains.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Nepal

    To make the Nepal tour safe and healthy, you must consider the following dos and don'ts of the place.

    What to do?

    • Use both your hands to show respect to other people
    • Fold both your hands when greeting someone in Nepal
    • Extend and use an extended flat hand when pointing to a sacred place
    • Always use your right hand for eating something
    • Remember to remove your shoes before entering someone's house or any temple. The gesture is considered to be respectful
    • Walk around the stupas clockwise direction so that you always have the outer walls on your right side
    • Always ask for a valid receipt when buying something antique or unique from the country otherwise traveling with it will become a problem and you cannot take the item with you

    What Not to Do?

    • Avoid any act of affection as women are not allowed to touch men in the public places. Doing so can hurt the sentiments of the local people
    • Don't eat beef at the place. Cows are considered to be sacred in the place
    • Avoid eating from a common pot in Nepal and avoid offering food to anyone once you have tasted it
    • Make sure you don't touch your lips to the drinking pot that is shared with people
    • Don't shout in Nepal
    • Don't eat with your left hand

    Places to visit in Nepal

    Amongst the various Nepal package choose the one in which you can travel to the following places:

    • Pashupati Nath Temple: The temple is one of the biggest highlights of Nepal and no Nepal travel packages are complete without a visit to the place. The temple is located in Kathmandu thus make sure that you have a visit to this in your Kathmandu tour package.
    • Boudanath: This place is well-known for meditation and therefore is extremely pure. It is the prominent pilgrimage center of the place. The giant size of the situated Stupa is a big attraction for the visitors.
    • Nagarkot: If you don't want to miss the beautiful view of the Himalayas, make sure that this place is on your list in the Kathmandu tour package. The place perfectly portrays the beauty of Himalayas and can leave you mesmerized with the beautiful sight.
    • Pokhra Valley: The valley is again an attraction for the visitors because of portraying the nature's beauty at its best. Visitors can expect nothing less than some beautiful sights that will make you spellbound.
    • Mahendra Gufa: Don't miss these dark and mysterious caves in Nepal. These are very famous amongst the local people of Nepal as well.

    Best time to visit Nepal

    If you want to taste the real beauty of Nepal along with enjoying the trekking experience, then the place should be visited in the month of October and November. The month of September is also preferable to visit as you can witness some beautiful views and amazing clear sights with pure air.

    Food to try

    Nepal is a country where you can get a variety of food to taste. You must try these following dishes when visiting Nepal:

    • Dal Bhat: Dal Bhat is the specialty of Nepal along with being the national dish of the country. Lentil soup and rice are commonly used in the making the dish. You can also have many varieties of the dish.
    • Chatamari: This dish is very similar to pizza but has a different touch to it. You will experience many vegetables in this and this is the very common dish to be taken as a snack in Nepal.
    • Yanghu yi hau: This is yet another snack which is very famous in Nepal. This can either be eaten in the breakfast or as an evening snack. The dish is very similar to the white pudding but again with a different and delicious twist.
    • Thupka: If you want to have a light diet and are in a mood to have a soup then you must try this traditional chicken soup in Nepal.
    • Jwanu Chicken: The dish is a perfect and delicious combination of chicken cooked and marinated with a lot of varieties of species and green chilies.

    Historical monuments

    The following are some of the historic monuments in Nepal that are worth your visit:

    • Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square: The place is extremely beautiful and is known for its ancient history. The place is located at the center of Kathmandu and thus becomes the highlight for most of the visitors.
    • National Museum of Nepal: The national museum of Nepal is a highlight that helps the visitors to understand the history and ancient uniqueness of the place. You can easily see some great work pieces there that speak for their glory by themselves.
    • Changu Narayan: The place is known to be the popular narayans of Lord Shiva. The temple leaves the visitor spellbound with its beauty and the beautiful work done in maintaining the art of the temple.

    Plan a trip:

    Nepal is altogether a beautiful place to visit and can offer you lifelong experience to remember. When planning a trip to Nepal, you can easily get the flights of Jet Airways, Air India, Bhutan Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Druk Air Flights, etc. you can find some of the cheapest flights as well that support your Nepal holiday packages.

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