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    About Thailand

    Thailand is an Asian country, located in the southeast in Asia. It is sprawled in 513,000 square kilometers and is thus, the 50th largest country in the world. In Asia, it is known as 12th largest country. The Myanmar and Laos are on its northern border, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand in the south, Cambodia and Laos in the west the Myanmar and the Andaman Sea are located in the east of the country.

    This country is divided into six regions which are North, Northeast, Central, South, East, and West. In the north of this country are Highlands, Great Mountain ranges dominate, landscape and the source of many rivers. Its tallest peak is known as “Doi Inthanon”, which is present in most of the Thailand holiday packages.

    In Thailand, The Mae Sai Market, Golden Triangle, Wat Phra, which doi was, and what Tampa (Locally called as Money Temple) are the main attraction point for tourists.

    History of Thailand

    Thailand was under the Military dictatorship during 1932 to 1973. The main quality of that period was the dictator Luang Phibunsongkharam. He allied the country with Japan during Second World War. The civilian & Politician Pridi Phanomyong was the founder of Thammasat University and became the Prime Minister after Second World War. The Military came to power in boldness form Siamese revolution of 1932, which had transformed the government of Siam.

    Things to do in Thailand

    The south-east Asian country Thailand has much of places that give pleasure to the tourist, who buy Thailand tour packages. Travelers get the feeling of paradise on the earth while exploring Thailand. The places’ beauties, architecture and featuring are awesome and unbelievable.

    • Visiting the Grand Palace - The Bangkok is the heart of the Thailand and Grand Palace is probably the most famous attraction which magnetizes the travelers on their Thailand vacation. This palace was the home of the king for 150 years. Spread across the area of 218,400 square kilometers, this region, occupied by Thailand Government as well as the royal mint, has much of things to do and see.
    • Take a TUK TUK - Go around the Bangkok with Thailand holiday deals. It is very exciting to take Tuk Tuk, with a small engine, snug sofa, and colorful hood. It covers the footpath, giving an awesome feeling. It is the cheapest and most popular travel option in Thailand.
    • Wat Arun - When the sun goes down, it sets up the temple of dawn in a pretty look. Located at the Bangkok’s Riverbank, it is also known as the representation of “Mount Meru”, otherwise called as the center of the universe.
    • Enjoying log boat in Bangkok - With the amazing feeling of Tuk Tuk, Longboat driving on the Bangkok’s Chaya Phraya River is another way of watching city’s culture during Thailand vacation.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Thailand

    Before traveling to any country or buying Thailand packages, we should have the knowledge about of that country. As we all know that culture, rituals, custom, and festival are very important for every country, caring about them is our duty. Check out what you should do and what is to be avoided:

    What to do?

    • The Thailand is a place of peace, calmness, and happiness. So, when you go there, stay patience and quiet.
    • The Thailand’s people give much importance to the dressing system. When you go temples, give proper dressing to yourself. Knees and shoulders should be covered of both sexes.
    • When you visit Thailand, make sure that you are giving respect to the monarchy.
    • When you enter any Thailand’s monuments, keep your shoes outside as they may be dirty. It is important to know as the Thailand holiday deals will include some monuments for sure.

    What Not to Do?

    • On a Thailand trip, it is prohibited to touch the head of anyone, even if the child, because it seems the most important part of the body.
    • Do not wear vulgar clothes. Clearly exposing yourselves on the beach is strictly prohibited here.
    • When on Thailand vacations, never make any kind of bad argument with anyone because they may suppose it as the danger.
    • The Royal family is very important for Thailand’s people. So, do not say and act disrespectfully for them.

    Places to visit in Thailand

    It has so many unique and attracted destinations that fest to eyes of everyone. It may take a year to complete its tour. It caters to all type of budget and travelers in its hundreds of islands and metropolitan capital city.

    • Chiang Rai - In the Thailand’s northern-most cities, the Chiang Rai is the main commercial hub of the golden triangle, which is assumed to be the borders of Thailand and Myanmar.
    • Pai - It was a very peaceful village of Thailand country. Now, it has become the booming city in Thailand, which is part of Mae Hong son loop stretching between chaing Mae and Mae Hong son.
    • Phanom Rung - It is a Hindu Temple, sitting on the extinct volcano in northeastern Thailand. Regarded for its outstanding and superb architecture, it is located in the village of Nang Rang. This temple was built up in the 10th and 13th century in the dedication of Lord Shiva.
    • Khao Sok National Park - It is one of the most from Thailand’s reserves wildlife scene. It covers the jungle forest, rivers & lakes along with the limestone areas in the Surat Thani province of southern Thailand. In its forest, you will be able to spot Asian elephants, wild boars, barking deer, beers, and various monkeys breeds like langurs, gibbons, and pig-tailed macaques.

    Best time to visit Thailand

    Though, we can visit Thailand in all around the year. But, if you want to enjoy the real and awesome amazements, then visit in the month of November and early April. These seasons are the cool and dry season. It seems the best time to visit in Thailand during the said duration.

    Food to try

    A Little introduction about the Thailand’s best food and recipes is necessary when you are going to this country. When you will enter in the Bangkok, you will admire the taste to its flavors and fragrances, which are seemingly inexhaustible in Thailand holiday packages.

    • Tom Yum Goong: (Spicy Shrimp Soup) - The famous Thai fragrance, the mixture of galangal, chili, shallots, lime leaves, lime juice, and fish sauce shape gives it a legendary herbal kick. The straw mushroom and succulent fresh prawns make it even delicious. This kind of versatile dish can be fit in any meal easily.
    • Tom Kha Kai: (Chicken in coconut soup) - It is the mixture of thinly sliced fresh galangal, infuses fiery chilies, crushed shallots, and stalks of lemongrass famous soup. However, it is more watery and the lasing of coconut milk makes it soften despite its hot spicy flavor. It is the sweet-smelling mixture of both and is a must-try during your Thailand trip.
    • Gaen Daeng: (Red Curry) - It is prepared from the mixture of smooth coconut milk, morsels of meat, red curry paste, and topped off with sliced kaffir lime leaves. This great mixture of things give a great taste to the buds of tongues, it could be like stunning young and beautiful women as very sweet and delicate fragrance.

    Historical monuments

    The great country of Asia, Thailand has a great history that is defining by its great historic Monuments. The country has been ruled by several kings and rulers in its past, who left their marks for rest of us. During your Thailand trip, don’t forget to visualize these:

    • Ancient Buddhist Structure - The phra pathom Chedi in nakhon pathom is the oldest Buddhist structure in the Thailand. Calm environment of this place will sooth your soul.
    • Khemar Monuments in Thailand - 10 centuries ago, when Khemer Empire ruled Thailand, they built amazing establishments in the country. In Thailand, there are many khemar temples. Most of the ancient highways are too connected to Angkor, which was the center of Khemar Empire along with all other empires.
    • The Thai Kingdom - It was one of the first independent kingdoms that were created by the Sukhothai. It had gained its actual prosperity and power during the 13th century. It’s a historical park nowadays.
    • VIMANMEK Mansion - The Vimanmek mansion is one of the former royal palace and world largest mansion that had build up by golden teak wood. It is built by a great handicraft worker, making it an incredible feat of architecture.

    Plan a Trip to Thailand

    Thailand tour packages and conveyance cost, both are pocket-friendly and affordable for everyone. So, if you are thinking to travel to this country, execute your plan of Thailand trip immediately. The Bangkok Airways and Thai Air Asia have the world-class facilities for traveling to Thailand. For all-time services, The Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Phuket International Airport are the favorites of tourist and visitors, which makes them the busiest of all.

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