Frequently asked questions

    Change and cancellation

    • Can I change my travel dates?
    • Can I change the name on a ticket?
    • Can I use only the return part of my ticket?
    • How can I change or cancel my trip?
    • How can I enter my frequent flyer card number into my booking?
    • How long do refunds take to process?
    • I cancelled my trip directly with an airline or hotel. How do I get a refund?
    • What are the change and cancellation charges for my trip?
    • What if I have not yet received my refund?


    • Can I book now and just pay a deposit?
    • I have never been asked for my passport details in the past. Why is it required now?
    • Is there a deadline by which I need to provide my passport details?
    • Is a nonstop flight the same as a direct flight?
    • How do I provide my passport details?
    • The name on my ticket does not exactly match my passport. What should I do?
    • What if I don't wish to provide my passport details?
    • What if I want to make a booking for more than six passengers or a group booking?
    • What if I want to return from/to a different airport?
    • What is a code-shared flight?
    • What is premium economy?
    • Why is there no space between my names on my ticket?


    • Are my card details safe?
    • Is there an extra charge for paying by credit card?

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