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    About Dubai

    Rising from the warm coastlines of the Persian Gulf and the drifting sands of the Arabian Desert is the city of Dubai, the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. For two centuries Dubai was not much more than a tiny trading harbor on the banks of Dubai Creek but, in less than one single generation, the city has become a destination once impelled to the imagining of the science fiction writers. A place that defies its extreme environment and redefines everything you think you know about cities.

    Despite appearances, however, the foundations of the glittering city are not built on sand but thousands of Arabic culture and tradition. Dubai is known for its breathtaking tourist attractions and magnificent architecture that attracts millions of visitors from across the world all year round. If you have great enthusiasm for traveling and discovering the most popular tourist attractions is your passion, there would not be any better place for you than exploring the Dubai city.

    History of Dubai

    When you look at the hot desert city that is packed with skyscrapers and high-rise towers that it has become today, it is hard to believe that this era of the modern Dubai started out as a small fishing village. The discovery of oil in the late 1950s became a turning point for Dubai’s growth and development. Dubai has a rich history which began centuries back in the 1700s.

    Back then the livelihood of the people was based on fishing, boat building, pearl diving, and providing sustenance and accommodation for the traders who used to visit the country to sell their goods. The leadership was in the hands of various popular sheikhs or rulers who ruled the country from time to time and helped develop the beautiful county.

    Things to do in Dubai

    The Dubai city has a perfect balance of old and new stuff which as a result gives a million choices to the visitors to choose from the things to do in Dubai.

    • Shopping at the Dubai Mall - This is one of the largest shopping malls in the world which includes more than 1000 stores and outlets. It contains numerous facilities for entertainment such as ice rink, a movie theatre, and numerous kid-friendly attractions. It also has a huge aquarium which is also known as the Dubai aquarium that houses more than 34,000 underwater creatures including sharks, big and small fishes, etc.
    • Visiting the Burj Al Arab - This building has wowed the architecture buffs. The curved glass facades shelter a world-class luxurious hotel, and this building is within the walking distance from Jumeirah beach.
    • Skiing at Ski Dubai - It is a must visit place for the tourists and travelers who visit the city for the first time. They might not know how beautiful is this place and the significance of it. It is a massive indoor winter wonderland that involves all types of winter sports such as skiing, playing with the snow, etc.
    • Sightseeing Burj Khalifa - It is a must visit place for the first time travelers to Dubai. Being the world’s tallest building, it rises 2,716.5 feet high. It also holds a record for world’s tallest freestanding structure and is a home for the world’s highest outdoor observation deck.

    Do’s and Don’ts When you are in Dubai

    When you think about holidaying in the United Arab Emirates or possibly looking for employment there, there are a few things you need to learn before you visit the country. Being a fabulous country, people of Dubai are some of the most hospitable and genuine ones that you can ever think of encountering elsewhere in the world.

    Although the city is quite modern and welcomes people from all fields of life, UAE has a century old tradition and religion following that you must respect being a visitor. It is important to keep in mind, no matter which country you visit or travel, you must respect their tradition, culture, and their belief system.

    What to do?

    • It’s easy to engage yourself in the fast running lifestyle in Dubai; it is the heritage of the city that will provide you with the traditional flavor while holidaying.
    • Women are supposed to Dress respectfully while in Dubai. This is advised to follow especially while visiting the busiest streets. Wearing swimwear on the streets or dresses that reveal the most of the skin is considered inappropriate in Dubai. However, wearing swimsuits in a majority of beaches is acceptable.
    • Keep your blood pressure under control and stay calm in the public areas as aggressive behavior whether verbal or physical is not acceptable in Dubai. The offenders would be dragged to jail for long durations if found guilty. While in Dubai make sure no ranting, raving, arguing, or quarreling in the public areas.

    What Not to Do?

    • While traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is not permissible to show love and affection in public to one another. It is considered illegal to do such acts if one is outside of marriage.
    • While this is granted in the beaches of Europe, but while in Dubai, it is strictly forbidden to condemn such activities.
    • Dubai avails numerous sightseeing attractions where you can freely click photographs without any problem, but some people wearing national dress of the region might feel uncomfortable to being photographed without their concern, especially women.
    • It is illegal to smoke tobacco under the age of 18 in UAE and smoking in the government buildings, shopping malls, cinema halls, offices and public gatherings are forbidden. However, there are a few places including the bars that have the facility to smoke.

    Places to visit in Dubai

    • Gold souk - Dubai has the world’s largest retail markets for gold that are popularly known for selling the cheapest gold ornaments at best quality. Whether or not you are a gold lover, a small stroll to the markets can amaze you extremely.
    • Dubai fountain - if you love getting drenched in rain water or like performing rain dance but could not get a chance to do so in your area, the Dubai Fountain is a perfect place for you to visit.
    • Desert Safari - your trip to Dubai would be incomplete without discovering the desert safari. Get yourself into the magical rides into the hot sandy deserts to experience the camel rides as well as sand skiing. Click pictures of you with the exhilarating landscapes and camels as well and watch Arabic dance as well and have a fantastic barbeque dinner in the middle of the desert.
    • The Dubai malls - The city has numerous huge malls across the city that can amaze you not only with their products and goods but also the architecture and designing. Some of the largest malls include Dubai mall, mall of the Emirates, BurJuman, Ibn Battuta Mall, City Centre Deira, etc.
    • Dubai beaches - Go and chill at the exotic beach locations in Dubai with your friends and family. Some of them include Marina beach, Jumeirah Beach, Burj Beach, Mamzar Beach Park, etc.

    Best time to visit Dubai

    If you are planning to visit Dubai anytime soon, it is important for you to consider the weather and temperature of the city. It is recommended to visit Dubai during the winters, from November to April. During January and February, there is a heavy traffic seen in the city because of the Dubai shopping festival that makes the city come to life all over again.

    What food should you eat in Dubai?

    Dubai is a city that is full if immigrants. Being a relatively new city as compared to Singapore and others, Dubai doesn’t have a national food or authentic Dubai food of its own. But you can get some delicacies in the city that has a hint of Pakistani cuisine, Indian cuisine, and continental as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Chicken Shawarma - Shawarma is nothing but sliced meat just like kebab, except to comes in chunks, not in slices. Spicy marinated and smoky chicken slices along with other ingredients such as mayonnaise, jalapeño, and coleslaw, etc. are thickly wrapped in chapatti bread and served with pickles. It is a lip smacking snack for the tourists as well as the locals. It is a must try delicacy while visiting Dubai.
    • Iranian Sangak - It is a delightful flatbread that is made of plain wheat and is served plain or cut into rectangular shapes. It is one of the best bread types to be served along with basil and Bulgarian Feta.
    • Al Harees - Wheat, salt, and meat are all combined for some hours of baking which as a result produces a delightful and delicious dish that will help you ask for a second serving. The dish is mostly served in the month of Ramadan, Eid, and weddings.
    • Fatteh - It is a perfect evening meal that consists of three layers which include soaked bread, chickpeas in the middle and on the top the stuffed aubergines. Before serving it is topped with yogurt and tahini sauce. You must try it with roasted pine nuts and paprika.

    Historical monuments in Dubai

    There are numerous historical places that you must not forget to visit while in Dubai. The list includes museums, forts, archaeological sites, etc. Some of them are listed below:

    • Bastakiya Quarters - Exploring the local houses in the coastlines of Dubai Creek will get you an idea about the lifestyle of the Dubai residents. When electricity and air conditioning systems were not introduced to the world, the Dubai residents used to cool their houses with the wind towers.
    • Dubai Museum - The Al Fahidi Fort was built in the year 1799 and is considered as the oldest structure in Dubai. It consists of Dubai’s heritage and the rich culture since its establishment.
    • Grand Mosque - It was established in the year 1900. It has the Old Persian designs in its domes, amazing sky-blue mosaic, handmade stained glasses, and wooden shutters that make the mosque one of the most beautiful mosques in Dubai. It has a capacity of 1200 worshippers at a time.
    • Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai - The most important historical monument in Dubai is the Al Fahidi Fort that is situated in the heart of the Dubai city at Bur Dubai. It is considered as the oldest archaeological buildings in Dubai that were built in the year 1799. People visit this place and remain awestruck by its amazing intricate designs.

    Why visit Dubai?

    Dubai is among the few cities in the Middle East that welcome tourists from across the world with open hearts. Situated in the southwest of the Arabian Gulf and east of Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is the most happening and fun-filled city known for its sunshine, amazing coastline, and widely spread sandy deserts, etc.

    Plan a trip to Dubai

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