UAE holidays in 2014

    Thinking of a holiday in 2014? Here's our guide to your upcoming public holidays in 2014 and the kinds of trips you can plan by taking up to 2 days off work.

    Date Holiday Good for a trip of*
    January 1 New Year's Day 4+ days
    January 13* Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) Birthday 4+ days
    May 27* Night of Ascension 5+ days
    July 28* Eid Al Fitr 5+ days
    October 3* Arafat Day 6+ days
    October 5* Eid Al Adha 6+ days
    October 25* Islamic New Year 4+ days
    December 2 National Day 5+ days

    * Islamic holidays are subject to change. Holiday trip recommendations are based on the assumption of Friday-Saturday weekends and up to 2 working days leave.

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