UK Dependent Skilled Worker Visa

    Unlock your potential in the United Kingdom with the Dependent Skilled Worker Visa! Experience world-class education, explore historic landmarks, and dive into the rich cultural heritage of the UK. From the bustling streets of London to the serene landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, and the vibrant cultural scenes of cities like Edinburgh and Manchester, the UK offers a diverse and dynamic environment. Savor traditional British cuisine, enjoy a lively arts and music scene, and take advantage of countless opportunities for professional growth and development. The UK – your destination for endless possibilities.

    Our International Visa Experts are here to guide you through the UK Dependent Skilled Worker Visa application process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey to your new life in the United Kingdom.


    ServiceService charges
    UK Dependent Skilled Worker visa ( visa fees are different as per Sponsor Visa category)
    AED 2,425

    Price includes

    • Visa fee

    Documents to be Submitted by the Sponsor

    1. Signed Invitation Letter addressing
    To, British Embassy, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Note:
    (a. The invitation letter must contain the following information regarding the person you are inviting- applicant. Complete name, Address and telephone number, your relationship to the person, the purpose of the trip, how long is the visit, where the person will stay and who will pay for their stay and also when the person will leave to their country. b. The invitation letter must also contain the following information regarding the inviting person – sponsor. Complete name, address, mail id and
    contact number, job title, employer name and immigration status.)
    2. Accommodation proof (Tenancy Agreement, Mortgage statement, utility Bills).
    3. Employment Details (Employment Letter and Contract).
    4. Passport copy (Front Page, Back Page, Visa Page).
    5. Payslips for last six months.
    6. P60.
    7. Bank Statements for the last six months.
    8. COS

    Documents submitted by the Applicant

    1. Original Passport with validity of 6 months and 2 blank pages
    2. Covering letter.
    3. Original Marriage Certificate.
    4. Original birth Certificate (if the applicant is the child of the sponsor).
    5. Marriage Photographs/Family Photographs
    6. Medical Check-up (from panel physician before submitting the application)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many days will it take to process my visa?
    • What are the steps involved in visa processing?
    • Is the visa application fee refundable if it has been rejected?
    • What should be the validity on my passport?
    • What services does visa assistance cover?

    The customer is obliged to provide accurate and true information to while filling my application. The Embassy / High Commission / Consulate reserves the right to ask for further documentation if required. All applicable Consular/Embassy fee, service charges and travel insurance amounts are non-refundable. Visa fee is subject to change without prior notice due to policy changes & foreign exchange fluctuation. Approval of the requested visas is solely at the discretion of the concerned Consulate / Embassy and will not be held liable for any delays or rejections after submission. Processing time is not guaranteed and may vary from case to case. The processing will be calculated from the time the Embassy/ consulate has received the application. Applicants are advised to plan their travel well in advance and complete visa formalities up to 30 days prior to their intended date of travel to avoid delays.


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