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    * All prices indicated in AED

    Booking flights is now convenient with online booking at A flight from Dubai to Hong Kong takes approximately 7 hours. Numerous airlines provide frequent flights connecting these two cities. Online booking is easier as it allows you to book flight from anywhere in the world. You can benefit from it as there are many airlines giving various offers and discounts enabling you to avail flights at lowest possible fares.

    About Dubai

    Dubai is cosmopolitan city of Gulf discovered on the southern shore of Gulf of Arabia. Its warm hospitality and culture attracts millions of tourists from overseas every year. The city offers an array of attractions to explore from extravagant architecture to adrenaline adventure. Witness the eye striking architectures and infrastructures at Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Atlantis and Jumeirah Mosque. Famed for its shopping, Dubai has an entire festival - Dubai Shopping Festival dedicated to shopaholics.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airport situated in Al Garhoud district is the main airline hub of Middle East. It is the world’s busiest airport as of passenger traffic , serving 66 million passengers every year. Covering the area of over 7,200 acres, the airport has 3 passenger terminals. The T1 and T3 caters to international passengers and T2 caters to domestic passengers.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    About Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is Asia’s famous destination built up on 4 islands giving its visitors some world famous skylines and adventures to explore. When it comes to Hong Kong, Disneyland is what strikes our mind. The most adventurous theme park where our beloved Disney characters come alive. Walk beneath the icons of the famous actors of Hong Kong at the Avenue of Stars. Visit the Victoria Peak Tower which is the city’s most opulent architecture boosting some amazing restaurants, shops, entertainment zones and the spectacular 360 degree view of the vibrant city from its top. Its sightseeing attractions are Symphony of Lights, Man Mo Temple, Madame Tussauds and Hong Kong Park.

    About the Hong Kong airport

    Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is the prime airport of Hong Kong placed on the island of Chek Lap Kok. Being Asia’s busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, HKG handled 59.9 million passengers in 2013. The airport supports almost 100 airlines connecting over 180 destinations across the world. The flag carrier of Hong Kong Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways have its primary base at this airport.

    Hong Kong airport address

    Hong Kong International Airport,
    1 Sky Plaza Road,
    Hong Kong.
    Phone : + 852 2181 8888.

    What is the frequency of Dubai to Hong Kong flights

    There are minimum 5 direct flights scheduled everyday from Dubai to Hong Kong. You can opt for the flight with timings that fits your travel plan. Check out for the options available and choose a suitable flight for a comfortable long journey. You can book the first flight of the day from Dubai at 12.05 am that lands in Hong Kong at 11.10 am. With many flight in between, the last flight of the day is at 6.55 pm - 6.00 am.

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