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    The two cities, Dubai and Chennai are connected with many flights flying at frequent intervals. With online booking, you can avail flight tickets quickly and efficiently. Opt for Online booking, as it helps you compare the flight fares and check the availability. Our site, will enable you to avail discounts and offers on various flights with check in facilities and other allied services.

    About Dubai

    Dubai is a city rich and vibrant in culture, history and heritages. It offers its visitors abundance of experience to explore like exquisite deserts, landscapes, skyscrapers, mosques, cuisines and old souks. Visiting the Dubai Museum is a best way to know about its history and Arabian culture. Dubai is a tolerant and a metropolitan city fulfilling all your basic and luxurious needs. The Dubai Mall and The Mall of Emirates not only offers luxurious and designer brands but also unbelievable adventure like Aquarium, Dubai Dolphinarium and Ski Dubai.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airport plays as a major airline hub in the Middle East, inheriting 3 terminals with a capacity of holding 75 million passengers annually. Out of the 3 terminals, Terminal 1 and 3 supports international carriers and 5 caters to domestic carriers. Terminal 3 accounts to be world’s largest building by floor space. The airport provides world class services and entertainment like internet, restaurants, coffee shops, gaming zone, duty free shops and much more.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    About Chennai

    Also known as Madras, Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu with a stronghold tradition of Tamil culture. This fourth largest city of India is located in the Bay of Bengal and is a home to 5 million inhabitants. The establishment of the city began during the times of Britishers in the 17th century. Known for its rich culture, this place has many cultural heritages and attractions to explore like Kapaleeshwar Temple, Mahabalipuram and Ashtalakshmi Temple. The Fort St George is a famous getaway famed to be oldest colonial building in India. Visit one of the most beautiful city of Chennai - The Big Mosque or Wallajah Mosque.

    About the Chennai airport

    Chennai International Airport located near Pallavaram, 14.5 km south of the city is the main airline hub in South India. In terms of passenger traffic, this airport is the third busiest in India, handling around 13.5 million passengers every year. Its domestic and international terminals are positioned adjacent to each other. Its Terminal 1 named as Kamaraj terminals caters to domestic passengers and Terminal 2 named as Annadurai terminals caters to International passengers.

    Chennai airport address

    Chennai International Airport,
    GST Road,
    Chennai – 600027
    Phone: 044 22560551

    What is the frequency of Dubai to Chennai flights

    Many flight operates from Dubai to Chennai providing travellers with the best airlines to choose from. You can book the first flight of the day from Dubai at 2.45 am reaching Chennai at 8.10 am. With many flights inbetween, the last flight of the day is at 11.30 pm that reaches Chennai by 5.00 am. You can also choose from the connecting flights, according to your preferability.

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