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    With good frequency of flights from New Delhi to Dubai, you can choose from the many airlines flying from on the daily basis. You can book them online at, with a process very easy and convenient. You can choose from the many flights available that fits in your budget.

    About New Delhi

    This metropolitan city is home to 11 million people following different culture and traditions. It is the capital city of India known for its vibrant culture, food, history and heritages. New Delhi offers its visitors some great attractions to explore like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and much more. The Taj Mahal at Agra is one of the seven wonders of the world featuring excellent Mughal architecture built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his late wife. New Delhi is the melting pot of culture offering delicious North Indian food, rich in flavor and taste. Enjoy eating at its many dhabas and street food serving variety of chaats, kebabs, biryani, tandoori, chole bhature, butter chicken and much more.

    About the New Delhi airport

    Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is spread over 5,106 acres is largest aviation hub in South Asia’s. After the inauguration of third terminal in 2010, this airport manages 62 million passengers every year and by 2030 it is estimated to handle 100 million passengers. It has 2 active terminals with Terminal 1 caters to passengers from selective domestic airlines and Terminal 3 caters to international passengers.

    New Delhi airport address

    Indira Gandhi International Airport
    New Udaan Bhawan,
    Terminal 3,
    Opposite ATC Complex,
    New Delhi - 110 037,
    Phone: + 91 11 47197001 / Fax: + 91 11 47197034

    About Dubai

    Dubai has an amazing blend of past and present that one can discover at its many attractions. Experience the traditional Arabian culture at its many old souks, heritages and museums like Dubai Museum at Al Fahidi Fort, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Bastakiya Quarters and much more. The Grand Mosque on the Bur Dubai side of the creek is the city’s tallest minaret with 45 small domes known for its magnificent architecture. Looking at the present, some landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Mosque, Palm Island and Emirates Tower represent its modern architecture.

    About the Dubai airport

    Dubai International Airport is the prime airline hub of Middle East. In terms of passenger traffic, it is acclaimed to be the world’s busiest airport with serving 66 million passengers every year. There are 3 operational terminals where T1 and T3 are located adjacent to each other and serves international carriers. T2 is positioned opposite to T1 and T3 and is the only terminal that serves domestic carriers.

    Dubai airport address

    Dubai International Airport,
    Al Twar,
    United Arab Emirates.
    Phone: +971 4 224 5555

    What is the frequency of flights from New Delhi to Dubai

    Many flights connect the two metropolitan cities of New Delhi and Dubai running on an hourly basis providing passengers with a good frequency to choose from. There are many direct and connecting flights available. You can book the first flight of the day from New Delhi at 4.00 am that reaches Dubai at 6.20 am. With many flights in between, the last flight of the day fly’s at 9.20 pm to 11.50 pm.

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