Where to go when

    Calendar for 2017

    Flip through the calendar to make a note of all the public holidays or events and start drafting your travel bucket-list for 2017 today. 

    If you're completely clueless about your travel plans for the coming year, we're here to help. Here's a list of When To Go Where this 2017. We've put together the best places to go to and the highlights that are a must when you're there. Take a look!

    A Brazilian January

    This January, experience a thrilling trekking around the Amazon rainforest, visit the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer and tour the spectacular Iguazu falls. 

    Facts: Rio De Janeiro has the bluest skies of the world

    Highlights: Iguazu falls, Christ the Redeemer

    Feast in Brazil: Mandioca


    A Parisian February

    In February, get mesmerised by the iconic Eiffel Tower, the fashion boulevards and the magical kingdom of Disneyland Paris - the most visited theme park in all of France. With an endless variety of museums and monuments, thanks to its rich history dating back about 2,000 years, this beautiful city is a great place to explore and learn about the French culture. 

    Facts: There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris

    Highlights: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum

    Feast in Paris: Macaroons, 

    France in February

    A Coorgi March

    The tranquil town of Southern Karnataka - Coorg, is referred to as the Scotland of India. In recent years, the place has been gaining popularity as one of the most-visited hill stations of India. The town is known for its wildlife, world-class coffee, austere sights and more.

    Facts: The best Tibetian settlement and one of the largest coffee plantations are found in Coorg

    Highlights: Nagarhole National Park and Abbey falls

    Feast in Brazil: Staple food of Nooputtu and non-veg curry


    A Japanese April

    A fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, Japan has a unique culture that will leave you captivated. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan has been the center of traditional Japanese culture for over thousand years now.

    Facts: The city of Kyoto is largely untouched by war

    Highlights: Kyoto Imperial Palace and Ninna-ji

    Feast in Brazil: Ichiran Ramen


    A Tuscan May

    A trip to Tuscany is bound to make you fall head-over-heels in love with this city. The region is a living museum and is famed for its Cinque terre, Tuscan hills and so much more. Rent a bike and explore the hills of Chianti or visit the Uffizi Gallery to marvel at the Renaissance masterpieces. 

    Facts: Tuscany was the first region to adopt pavements

    Highlights: Leaning tower of Pisa

    Feast: Dolce, Pizza and Bruschette


    A Londoner June

    From historical palaces and bustling nightlife to colourful musicals and multicultural cuisines, explore the metropolitan city of London this festive season. London has something for everyone - from high-end fasion boutiques to antiques markets. Don't forget to check out the world's most famous Christmas tree lighting up the iconic Trafalgar Square.

    Facts: London's Big Ben clock tower is leaning much like the Tower of Pisa

    Highlights: Big Ben, London Bridge and Buckingam Palace

    Feast: Jacket Potatoes and Fish & chips

    A Sri Lankan July

    Visit the garden city of Colombo in Sri Lanka for a memorable holiday experience. Walk along the pristine sea front, enjoy the art at the galleries and museums and relish the Sri Lankan cuisine. Do not miss out on a relaxing spa and exotic wildlife while you are holidays there.

    Fact: Sri Lanka was the world's biggest coffee producer until the 1860s

    Highlight: Goa Gajah, Mount Batur and Pura Ulun Danu Temple

    Kukul mas curry and Polos (Jackfruit curry)

    A Balinese August

    If you're looking to experience culture, nature, art and spirituality on your next holiday, Bali is the perfect destination for you. This blissful island has many private villas and beach resorts that is ideal for a rejuvenating holiday.

    Fact: Home to stunning black volcanic sand beaches

    Highlights: Mas, Guwanng and Pujungan

    Feast: Bebek Betutu


    A Greek September

    The broiling summer rush gets over and the skies get bluer in September. The evenings at the hill-top villages get colder by them in Santorini. The multicoloured beaches not only add to the beauty of his island but also make the reddish sunset a new experience all together.

    Facts: Santorini is an archipelago of five islands that is part of Greece

    Highlights: Imerovigli and Akrotiri

    Feast: Saganaki and Loukoumades

    A Jordaninan October

    The visitor-friendly city of Jordan is known for its rich heritage, architecture and culture. Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is one of the oldest cities of the world and is famous for its historical buildings. Travel to Jordan this summer to discover and learn more about the historic city.

    Facts: Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer discovered Petra in 1812

    Highlights: Petra, Dead Sea and Wadi Rum

    Feast: Mansaf and Arayes

    A Thai November

    Embark on a journey to the exotic Islands of Koh Samui for a rejuvenating break and indulge in the authentic Thai cuisine that includes the famous Thai seafood curry, Tom Yam Kung Nam Khon, a prawn dish made with coconut milk and vegetables in green curry. There's no better place for winter sun. Pack  your bags and get ready to say Sawatdee!     

    Fact: Samui has the most charming airport you'll ever see

    Highlights: Namuang waterfall

    Feast: Tom Yam Kung Nam Khon
    Thai-Koh Samui

    A Goan December

    Located on the southwestern coast of India, on the Arabian Sea, Goa is a perfect beach destination whilst vagabonding about India. The sand, sea and the sun are impeccable combination for a beautiful holiday here. Goa is a backpacker's delight. Affordable stay and dining options make it more appealing for budget travellers.

    Fact: You can hire a two-wheeler taxi instead of a car 

    Highlights: Fort Aguada, Palolem Beach, Panjim City and the Church

    Feasts: Prawn Balchao, Chicken Xacuti

    Travel across the world to vibrant cities and lush islands that are sure to take your breath away in the year 2017. Ad-venture in to the new year with us!

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