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    This season, fly with Singapore Airlines and Musafir.com to your favourite destinations around the world and get special fares on return journeys starting from AED 1,655. Take advantage of the special fares today!.

    Economy class sales validity: November 27, 2019

    Economy class travel validity: January 6, 2019 - August 31, 2020

    Premium economy and business class sales validity: November 27, 2019

    Premium economy and business class travel validity: January 6, 2019 - August 31, 2020

    To Price starting from
    Dubai SingaporeAED 1,655
    ManilaAED 1,415
    ClarkAED 1,465
    CebuAED 1,555
    Davao AED 1,455
    Kuala Lumpur and PenangAED 1,555
    BantenAED 1,655
    BaliAED 1,755
    VietnamAED 1,735
    BangkokAED 1,755
    PhuketAED 1,965
    Hong KongAED 1,505
    Narita and HanedaAED 2,155
    Osaka Kansai Airport and Hiroshima AirportAED 2,255
    TaipeiAED 2,255
    IncheonAED 2,055
    SydneyAED 3,935
    Brisbane AED 3,935
    MelbourneAED 3,465
    PerthAED 3,865
    CanberraAED 3,905
    AucklandAED 4,655
    Dubai SingaporeAED 3,255
    Kuala Lumpur and PenangAED 3,155
    BantenAED 2,755
    BaliAED 3,255
    BangkokAED 3,275
    PhuketAED 3,305
    Hong KongAED 3,155
    Narita and HanedaAED 4,055
    HiroshimaAED 4,055
    IncheonAED 5,255
    SydneyAED 5,995
    Brisbane AED 5,995
    MelbourneAED 5,995
    PerthAED 5,755
    CanberraAED 6,465
    AucklandAED 6,455
    Dubai SingaporeAED 7,995
    Kuala Lumpur and PenangAED 6,995
    BantenAED 6,995
    BaliAED 7,755
    BangkokAED 6.695
    PhuketAED 6.895
    Hong KongAED 7,595
    Narita and HanedaAED 7,955
    IncheonAED 7,795
    SydneyAED 11,755
    Brisbane AED 11,155
    MelbourneAED 11,165
    CanberraAED 12,555
    AucklandAED 11,555

    *Offer valid on roundtrips only. Offer valid on flights origination from Dubai only. Blackout dates applicable on economy bookings. Blackout dates are not applicable on premium economy and business bookings. Offer not valid for pre-packaged trips, trips booked through our travel experts or in conjunction with any other offer. All statutory taxes and surcharges to be borne by the customer as required by law. In case of full flights, the airline reserves the right to refuse boarding passes for flights booked. Guests will make their own arrangements for travel to/from the respective airport. Domestic flights are not included in the offer. Not applicable on codeshare flights. Black-out periods apply. Universal Travels and Tourism LLC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at its discretion and without notice.

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