SalzburgerLand is blessed with a beautiful, untouched and diverse natural landscape with a range of water bodies and lush alpine forests. Next to the high-altitude pastures, lakes and the mountains, it is especially the healthy forests that are not just a crucial resource, but also an unrivalled natural spectacle in itself.

    It is the trees and forests that makeup “Salzburg’s green half”, offering a natural world that is as beautiful as it is magical. The forests invite you to come and experience the natural wonders in action, to come and hike, cycle or just recharge your batteries and play.

    And thus, there is barely a hike across mountain pastures in SalzburgerLand that doesn’t lead through the province’s many lush, green spaces. The healthy, dense mountain forests are permeated with an excellently signposted network of trails, surrounded by natural habitat to both animals and plants alike. The forest and its treasures thus play a significant role in any holiday spent in SalzburgerLand: For they easily find their way into the local alpine cuisine, the many relaxing spas and, of course, into the fragrant arolla pine beds.

    The beautiful lakes, the various hiking paths, the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg city and many other attractions make SalzburgerLand a great place to spend your holidays.


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