Vienna Airport

    Arrive, marvel and take a deep breath. The land of untouched mountains and lakes, wild forests and rivers, long-standing traditions and strong family values: Austria is the perfect destination for an exceptional holiday with the whole family.


    A mix of high-end creations from traditional, family-owned businesses and high-fashion from workshops of internationally leading designers enrich the country and add to its appeal for guests from near and far. Experience this wide range of fashion, luxurious jewellery and first-class souvenirs at Vienna Airport and embark on a journey filled with shopping delights from gate to gate.



    Perfectly cooked Tafelspitz, handmade apple strudel, Viennese Schnitzel with a crunchy crust and fluffy Kaiserschmarren—this is the true taste of Austria. Centuries-old recipes put to the test by kings and emperors, continue to enrich traditional Austrian cuisine to this day and are served in the family-friendly restaurants at Vienna Airport.


    It's no service that the standard greeting in Austria is “servus” which translates to “I am your servant”. Austria celebrates first-class service and warm-hearted hospitality like no other country. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself—from the beginning to the end of your journey at Vienna Airport!

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