Cambodia Angkor Air

    Established in 2009, Cambodia Angkor Air is the national carrier of Cambodia. The airline has its main hub at Phnom Penh. Cambodia Angkor Air is a joint venture of the Cambodian government and Vietnam Airlines. Since the beginning, the airline enjoys a monopoly in Cambodia. The logo of the airline has a huge significance for the people. The logo represents the Angkor Wat temple. Angkor Wat Temple is the best preserved site and locals have a high religious believe for the temple. This represents the strength and the beauty of the temple and complimented by a bird wing to represent elegance. These two signs express the safety and performance of the airline when any travellers choose to fly with Cambodia Angkor Air.

    The fleet

    Cambodia Angkor Air currently has a fleet size of 6. This includes Airbus A320-200 and 2 Airbus A321-200. It also has ATR 72-500. The A321-200 is expected to be replaced by a new A320 aircraft in 2016.


    Cambodia Angkor Air flies to 20 cities across the globe. The airline started the operations in Xiamen city since 2012. The airline focuses on the Asian countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Lao PDR. Ho Chi Minch city remains as the main focus of the airline.

    Business Class

    Business class passengers can enjoy premium seats on the board. The airline provides several varieties of cuisines and drinks to choose from. Business class passengers can enjoy priority check-in and fast track services through security. The passengers also have the privilege of priority check-in and luggage after reaching the destination. The airline has partnered with OptionTown which allows passengers to upgrade their ticket.

    Onboard Facilities

    The facilities provided on board are meals, drinks, and comfortable seats. But, the airline also provides an option of having an empty seat next to you during the flight. This can be done using the OptionTown card. With this, the passenger has the right to use the entire space to relax, lie down and stretch. All these can be done at the cost of an economy class flight ticket. Additionally, the passengers have the option to carry the extra luggage of 5 KG, 15 KG, 30 KG or 50 KG.

    Online booking and Check In

    Online booking is available for all international and domestic flights by the airline. The passengers traveling to international destinations are requested to arrive 3 hours before the departure. The passengers traveling to domestic locations should check-in 60 minutes before departure. Passengers who have dropped off luggage should arrive a little early to avoid delays. The check-in baggage allowance is 20 kgs.

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